Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Kelly J Gehlhaar,

I was required to take the exam in order to begin my 2nd attempt at gaining my LCSW.  However, having been out of the field for 18 years, my clinical knowledge was rusty and many many things had changed legally as well. Add to that only 2 weeks to study. This course not only gave me study tools to help me learn all the facts needed, but helped me regain the clinical thinking I would need to not only pass the test on my first try, but has also given me more confidence as I head into my ASW internship. It really is true you take the instructor with you into the exam. It was hard but I felt prepared. Thanks so much!

Mellissa Bonilla, LCSW

Having used TDC to study and pass my L&E exam, I felt confident about the study program. I was well prepared going into the exam. There were no surprises. All of the actual exam questions were similar to the study questions I had mastered. The advice for taking a break and having a snack were more important than I could have anticipated. It was great to have Bethany's voice in mind encouraging me through the questions I felt unsure about. I passed well above the passing score. Thank you TDC!

Belinda Cabe, LCSW

Having suffered severe test anxiety in the past, I found this no-nonsense, organized, direct, and simple system to be super useful. It was no more than I needed, yet everything that was necessary. The most important skills I needed to master to pass the exam, this system provided; strategies on how to analyze the questions, strategies to organize and think though answers only to have the right answer emerge, and to clearly identify what the test was testing. Also, I found the reminders of taking a break half way into the test, fueling up with fruit and juice, and exercising was exceptionally useful. Thank you, Amanda, Bethany, and staff at TDC! Cheers!

Christa Jeutter Davidson, LCSW

I want to thank you for the study system you have developed!  It is EXCELLENT and I'm so grateful I found it online.  The Top 50 Topics helped me to funnel all the information into a manageable guide. The audios and Quick Studies made all the difference for me.  Hearing Amanda's voice as she explained each topic helped make the topics understandable and relatable in a way that made sense.  The quizzes and mocks were spot on in terms of preparing for the actual exam. The explanations and rationales for the answers were invaluable. You helped me learn how to think about the questions, and how to put the answers in order. As I sat in the exam I used your tool of envisioning a client in front of me, of being a supervisor, and of bringing Amanda in the room, and it all helped. Also taking a break at the 85 question mark, eating a piece of fruit and drinking some juice made such a difference. I felt energized when I came back to finish the last 85. I've struggled with the 4-hour limit in the past and on this exam, but I finished 15 minutes early with plenty of time to go back to review my marked questions!  I can't thank you enough for all I learned by working through your study system. It's well organized, thorough, and professional. I have already shared with colleagues my experience in using your study system and I will continue to do so. Thank you, thank you! I'm now a LCSW!!  


Graziano M Mauriz, LCSW

Having a coach like Bethany was a great resource. I spoke with her the day before the exam and she helped me put things in perspective. Excellent study program. It covers all the essentials. Thank you!