Social Work Exam Prep Reviews

Michael Bloch,

I would highly recommend TDC to everyone taking the Law and Ethics exam. I am pretty sure I studied way too much, but I was totally confident when I took the exam, and will continue to use TDC for my Clinical exam in the future.

Lauren Harada,

I appreciate the detailed videos, rationales, study material, as well as mock exams to help prepare me for the Law & Ethics exam. I felt that TDC covered each topic very thoroughly to gain a clear understanding of each topic addressed on the test. I'm very thankful for TDC! Thank you!!!

Becky Tate, LCSW

I feel that everybody learns differently. I think the study approach offered by TDC is great, especially having a coach available. Thank you for the support and materials offered! I so happy to have passed! :)

James Pearce, LCSW

The Therapist Development Center was the key component in my study program. It greatly assisted me in studying and passing the ASWB clinical exam. I thank the creators of the program for its existence, as it gave me many of the tools I needed to pass.

Andrea Berkheimer, LCSW

TDC made studying for the LCSW less stressful. I loved that I had a flexible plan I could follow. I didn't have to think about what to study. At the exam, I felt confident in how to analyze the question stems and the answers. I also can't thank Bethany enough for being my lifeline through this process. She gave the reassurance I needed to go into the exam confidently. I literally talked through each question and answer in my head like Amanda did in the study program. I can't thank TDC enough.