Nicole Wolf-Sumner, APO, Georgia

I am horrible test taker and English is my second language, german native here. I was worried and doubted my ability to pass on the first try, I did TDCs program three times and passed with flying colors. I prepared myself based on the guidelines in the study prep and it helped me soothe my anxiety. I used other studying book materials before trying TDC but it wasn't helpful, no information was sticking. Anyways, it's a great program!! I can only highly recommend it, especially for those who grow up with a different language.

Marina Marie, Belton, Texas

I came across TDC soon after starting my MSW journey in 2020. I saved the information for future use especially because of the discounts for military and veterans. I am in my last quarter of school and will graduate next month in February. I requested for the military discount after I had my exam date scheduled and heard back within an appropriate time frame. I liked the audio part of the program as I was able to listen to the information while driving. I also liked the anecdotal stories that helped me remember the information. TDC study material was simple and to the point. I purchased another study material which was a physical book and found it was very overwhelming with too much information. The TDC mock exam was very close to and indicative of the ASWB board practice and actual exam. I would definitely recommend TDC to everyone. First time to pass the licensure exam and passed before the conferral of my degree. Thank you to TDC. I will be back for the LCSW Exam.

Jacqueline I. Stevens, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Hi TDC Family, Today I passed my LMSW! When I first began this road with TDC, I scored a 58% on the Top 50 pretest. I was mortified. Having graduated last May, I knew I wasn't ready to take the exam, so I procrastinated until a recent job offer was contingent upon my successful passing. So, seven weeks ago, I started with another test prep company, which I won't name. But, I quickly realized I would need a different teaching method than just utilizing acronyms. Realizing that I was running out of time, I remembered TDC as a suggestion from my professor. So, I committed to the investment. After my first pass-through of the materials, I scored 64% on the DSM 5 exam, 86% on the Values and Ethics, and 82% on the crisis. Then, I scored a 72% on Mock exam one and a 74% on mock exam two. As outlined by the study plan, I repeated the course, and my scores increased to 86%, 86%, 90%, 90%, and 88%, respectively. I ended the course scoring an 82% on the final mock exam. If you're CONSIDERING purchasing this course, stop it! Just buy the course and be glad that you did. In six weeks, I went from "Questioning my ability to successfully pass the exam to walking into the testing center this morning feeling confident and prepared that I knew the material and was ready to pass!" Thank you so much.

Debra Rucks, ALBANY, Georgia

I am so grateful that I did not give up. I will always look back on this experience for encouragement!

Sean Cooper, Lowell, Massachusetts

Passed my test on the first try using nothing but TDC as study material. Enough said!

Sarah Stasica, Austin, Texas

I highly recommend TDC for studying for the LMSW exam. It was really helpful for me to understand how the test wanted me to think about the information. When I took the pretest in early March I got a 60 which kind of freaked me out, but today I got 30 questions over the passing grade. I took a one day prep course through my university and did all of the steps of the TDC prep to prepare to pass. Something that I found really helpful was the day of recommendations like taking a break to have a snack half way through. I remembered that she said that I would start to feel anxious but it was actually a blood sugar thing so I took the break and had some fruit and some orange juice to fuel me to go back and finish the second half of the test.

NANCY OTIENO, Columbus, Ohio

I loved the structure TDC provided. Amanda's advice of taking her to the exam room and asking yourself "What would Amanda do" really worked for me. I owe my success to TDC. Thank you so much, Amanda.

Victoria Garcia, San Angelo, Texas

I have scored higher using your program than any other program I have used.

Rachel Beauregard, Jersey city, New Jersey

It was such a nice and easy process thanks to your program.

Natalia Dailey, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you Therapist Development Center for your study material. I am a macro student and did not feel confident in testing until I started reviewing and quizzing myself using your test prep material. In twelve weeks I was ready to take the exam! I passed today with 117 questions. Thank you again.