Jose A. Lopez, San Antonio, Texas

Just passed my clinical exam today - First attempt! Glad that's over with. For anyone unsure of where to turn to regarding exam prep, TDC is the place to go. I surveyed other programs before I began studying, and the confidence of the coaches is what compelled me to trust TDC. It is well worth the investment knowing that they covered pretty much everything you need to know to pass. The Clinical exam is definitely a different beast, but I felt very confident going into the exam. My passing score was within 1 or 2 points of the Final Mock 1 and 2 Exams. So, as noted by TDC, the mock exams are definitely good indicators of readiness. Amanda is correct! You're not going to be working from a set of acronyms to answer each question - they are nonsense. It's based on independent reasoning and clinical judgment. Sure it would be great to apply an intervention you know works, but maybe some other issue is more pressing. Thank you again to TDC, and good luck to all!

Erica Gress, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

TDC helped me pass on my 2nd try. I used other study materials, but always struggled to create a study plan and cover all the needed content. I COULD CRY! TDC, thank you for existing, thank you for answering all my questions and thank you for helping me develop as a professional. 10/10 recommendation.

Latoria Jennings, Bristow, Virginia

I took the test for the first time in October 2022 and failed. I really took the exam for granted because I passed the practice test with ASWB and studied some textbooks from graduate school. I read that ASWB was not associated with any prep course programs, so I thought, why waste my money? Well, I have to say, the TDC course increased my score by 30 points. It was the best investment I could have made! Every topic and strategy were on point with the exam. In fact, I almost ran out of time during the first exam, and this time, I had an hour to review flagged answers thanks to Heidi's recommendations. Thank you so much, TDC!

Tricia, Riverside, California

Now that I've taken the exam and am familiar with the material and questions asked on the exam, I feel that the Therapist Development Center study kit is the best kit to use, because it does cover all material that was on the exam and best prepares you for the reasoning questions without giving you too much unnecessary information to overwhelm you. Practice, practice, practice the "Best, Next, and First" questions and strategies, it is the majority of the test and feels deceptively easy to answer, but it's not!

Erika Ocampo, Los Angeles , California

Utilized the study material to start studying 12 days before the exam. Passed the exam despite short study time.

Natasha Pelletier, Brooklyn, New York

10/10 would definitely recommend.

The Top 50 Topics were a blessing to have throughout my studying. I listened to those recordings at least 3xs all the way through. It was so helpful to understand how to answer the questions on the exam. I also really appreciate the two full-length exams plus the two half-mock exams. Passed on the first try with flying colors.

Thank you!

Jordana Gerstman, New York, New York

Thank you TDC for helping me pass my LCSW with confidence on my first try!!! I was so overwhelmed before TDC and this program really helped to break everything down into manageable segments.

Mitzi Thomas, Anchorage, Alaska

TDC is amazing. I love the audio files that provided the logic and rationale for answers. This piece is definitely missing from other study programs. I am thankful that the information was organized and easy to comprehend. I wish I would have found you when I initially began studying. Thank you for all that you do!

Sharae McZahn, Toledo, Ohio

I am grateful for utilizing TDC to study and prepare for my exam. If it were not for this system, I believe I would still be struggling to pass the exam. I have utilized many free tid bits of materials across the years to study and none have been as supportive, concise and actually palatable as this system. The step by step preparation was so helpful. I had tried to utilize old study habits in the past for this exam and those had been unsuccessful. I would recommend TDC to anyone.

Jordan K Brewer, Atlanta, Georgia

TDC is such an excellent program. I passed my LCSW exam on my second try with flying colors. The difference was the TDC program. It is so thorough and includes so many practice questions which is so key for realizing what the exam is testing you on. Definitely give TDC a try - they are amazing!