Website Update FAQS

Thank you for trusting TDC with your licensing exam preparation! While the website has changed, your program has not! 

Please take the following steps to get set up on the new website: 
1. Create an account on the new website.
2. After you create an account on the new website, fill out this transfer form, and we will add your purchased program(s) to your new account. 

You will be contacted by customer support once your new account is ready. Until then, continue studying at

All Customers

If you want to purchase any new courses, you will need to create an account on the new website. 

Frequently asked questions

Our platform was outdated. To continue serving our growing customer base effectively and securely, we updated our platform.  


YES, the materials are the same. As always,if there are any changes to your program we will announce them on your program’s homepage.


If you need an extension, but have not transferred to the new website yet, first create an account on the new website, then submit a transfer form, and we will set you up on our new website and get you extended.


First create a new account, email a copy of your exam score report to; once you’ve created a new account and submitted your score report, our customer support team will add your program to your new account.

You can still contact your coach by filling out the “Ask a Coach” form. A green “Ask a Coach” button is on each program page's right side, directly above the announcement section. You can also scroll down to the bottom of each program page to complete the “Ask a Coach” form.

First, create an account on the new website. After you create an account on the new website, fill out this transfer form, and we will add your purchased programs into your new account.

You will NOT be able to access test or mock results from the old website once you transfer to the new site. Additionally, they will no longer be available once the old website is decommissioned. 

If you want to review your test or mock exams at any time in the future, you will need to download OR print copies before transitioning to the new website or September 7 (whichever comes first). Once you have access to your program on the new website, you will lose access to your old account.


There are two ways. If you completed your course on the previous website, you can log in to and download a copy (this option is only available through August 31, 2023). Additionally, we maintain copies of all certifications of completion. Email to request a copy of your continuing education certificate for successfully completed courses.