User Agreement

I understand that TDC study systems (and all materials contained therein) are for a single user only. The study system (and all materials contained therein) are covered by applicable copyright laws and regulations.  By purchasing a TDC Study System, I agree to the following terms:

  • I will NOT share these materials with anyone else, including supervisors, coworkers, unaffiliated coaches/tutors, or peers.

  • I will NOT post these materials or portions of these materials on Facebook or other social media sites (including, but not limited to, practice questions, rationales, or handouts).

  • I will NOT reproduce any portion of these materials and post that on Facebook, Youtube, or other social media sites.

  • I will NOT remove the logo or identifying marks in order to reproduce any of the materials.

  • I understand that I have access to these materials until I PASS the exam; once I have passed the exam, my access to the materials will be discontinued.

If I fail to adhere to these terms, my access to the materials can be permanently revoked and I can be subject to all legal and ethical consequences. For more information see our terms of use.