Colorado Social Work License

Earn Your Colorado Social Work License

Within the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies there is the State Board of Social Work Examiners who regulates the process for candidates applying for their Colorado Social Work License (LCSW). Below we will walk you through each step of the application process, but you can also check out the State Board’s website by clicking here, or calling 303-894-7800, to cross reference as way to make sure you’re on target.

Once you’ve received your MSW from a CSWE-certified social work graduate program, let’s take a look at what’s next in the process…

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STEP 2 - Register as an LSW

  • Once you have graduated from your master’s program, go to the Colorado State Board of Social Work Examiners website and fill out the form here.
    • You will also need to include an official college or university transcript
    • Applicants must also take the Colorado Mental Health Profession’s Jurisprudence Examination which is also found online here. You may make more than one attempt, but must wait ten (10) days in between.
    • Pay the $70 application and processing fee.
  • Next fill out a Healthcare Professional Profile, which is a requirement for all Healthcare professionals in the state of Colorado. Click here to visit their website and begin building your profile.
  • The State Board also provides a complete list of requirements for your reference.

STEP 3 - Register for the ASWB Masters Level Exam and Study with TDC

  • Once your LSW application has been accepted, it’s time to take the exam. Contact the ASWB to register for the exam, then Pearson VUE to find a test center near you, and select your test date.
  • Now that you have your exam date, start studying with TDC’s ASWB Master Level Exam Prep program. Here at TDC, we build an online “all-in-one” program that combines audio lectures, study guides, and mock quizzes and exams. We’ve helped thousands pass this exam on their first attempt, and you’re next!

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STEP 4 - Begin to Accrue Hours towards your LCSW Colorado License.

Congratulations! You are now a registered Colorado LSW and can begin working in the field.

  • Candidates must complete and document 3,360 hours of supervised work experience over a period of no less than 24 months.
  • At least 1,680 of the hours must be spent in a role that includes testing, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, or counseling. Up to 1,200 hours may be credited for the teaching of social work or psychotherapy.
  • Supervision is to be provided by a clinical social worker. 96 hours of clinical supervision is required; it should be spread out over the course of the supervision period. At least 48 of the supervision hours should be individual.
  • At the end of the supervision period, the supervisor will submit verification to the Colorado Board.
  • Finally, the candidate must fill out and submit the application form and again pay the $70 processing fee.

STEP 5 - Register for the LCSW Exam and Begin Your Studies!

  • When your application has been accepted, contact the ASWB and register for the Clinical Level Exam (LCSW). Then when you get your eligibility confirmation, connect with Pearson VUE to find a test center near you and pick your exam date and time. 
  • Once again, it’s time to study! If you used our program to pass your Master’s Level exam, then you know how valuable and effective TDC’s exam prep programs can be to your preparation. Now check out our ASWB Clinical Level Exam Prep program to help you with this final step.

You passed!! Congratulations! You’ve earned your Colorado social work license and are a registered LCSW! May you have wonderful and impactful career in your community.

The Therapist Development Center Team