Shannon Hodgen, Bend, Oregon

I took the AMFTRB Exam as I'm in Oregon. As soon as I sat down at the test center to begin, I felt pretty confident because I "knew what to do", and followed the plan. I took breaks, ate fruit and drank juice and had time left at the end to review the questions I'd marked. I will say for the AMFTRB, it takes a LONG time to get your scores (even to know if you passed). It took over three weeks for my scores to be sent. I am super grateful and glad I paid the money for this test prep, and I love the super supportive way they encourage and make recommendations that use science to assist with your self-care, recall and "brain care". I also felt more comfortable and less stressed knowing that if I didn't pass, I could still have TDC for support with the retest. I worked my butt off and did the study course x2 because I had three months' time to study, and it paid off. I am super grateful and happy and now, very soon will be an LMFT in Oregon.

Alyssa Metzger, Vernon, Connecticut

TDC helped me understand what was expected to be on the exam and organized all the information in the best way possible. I greatly enjoyed that the study materials were for visual AND auditory learners. I always found the DSM - 5 to be overwhelming and they broke it down in a way that helped me for the test but also in my job. They also give great tips for taking this test that will absolutely help you pass. I passed on my first attempt! THANK YOU, TDC!!

Kiarra L Thorne, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

This study system is absolutely phenomenal!!! I had been out of school for 4 years when I finally decided to take the national MFT exam. I was beyond rusty on everything from theory, to ethics, to how to even take standardized tests. The TDC system prepared me for all of it. It walked me through each domain step by step and gave me plenty of room to practice and test myself. I felt like God, Amanda and the TDC team were with me all the way into the room. And the best part? I scored 14 points higher than necessary and passed on the first try! It's well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Alexia Degraffenreid, Key West, Florida

After 3-4 months of studying 5 hours a week, I passed on my first try. I have been out of school for 7 years so I was very worried but thanks to TDC I did it!


I took the NMFT exam 3 times and did not pass, 7 points short. After my third attempt, I decided to enrolled in the program with TDC (best decision ever). TDC program is structured in a way that help me to understand the modalities and apply them to the vignettes of the actual exam. I will definetely recommend TDC to my colleagues who are planning to take the NMFT exam in a near future.

Carrie Smuckler, Ridgefield, Connecticut

I am a 'mature' recent MFT grad with a chaotic life which includes working and the emotional loads of 3 teenage kids. I could never sit myself down to study because the idea overwhelmed me. The best tip you gave was to schedule my exam first. Until that point I was always filled with excuses. Once I buckled down, I began following the program step by step and when it came time for the exam I felt as prepared as I could have. The exam questions are tricky (there isn't always one answer that is the absolute right answer) but I felt I had done the best I could in preparing and it turned out that it was enough to pass on my first try.

ERIC D. PARK, Las Cruces, New Mexico

I used TDC exclusively and PASSED, on the first attempt with a score over 80%! TDC truly prepares you to PASS the exam. I took the exam 4 years after my post-graduate studies and exclusively used TDC. I was test-ready within 4 months and PASSED the first time! I recommend only TDC for anyone preparing to take the NMFT Exam!

Matthew George , Westport, Connecticut

TDC is fantastic. The program made me feel A LOT more comfortable and confident going into the exam and provided me with the knowledge and testing strategies I needed to pass on my first attempt. Thank you so much TDC! I will recommend your program to everyone.

Natasha Dominguez, Temple, Texas

I've tried maaaany study programs, and TDC is the one I used this most recent testing iteration. The information was delivered in a way that was easier for me to digest and understand. It provided me with the confidence that I lacked the other times I had taken the AMFTRB. The support I received from the Coach was amazing. Thank you!!

Atabex Valles-Sanchez, Kissimmee, Florida

My learning experience with TDC was amazing! I learned so much and I think that what worked, at least for me, was the mixed of different ways of studying (audio. reading, quizzes, practice tests). Also, the information is well prepared, straight to the point, and impeccable explained!!