Lucia Moore, San Francisco, California

I have instantly incorporated this into my practice. Fantastic course.

Howaida Elsabbagh, Simi Valley, California


Mary Ann Kalm, LCSW, Stratford, Connecticut

Thank you for creating and sharing the On The Edge of Life Model. I have done several trainings on suicide. This one was the best. I feel confidant that I will respond with less panic and fear when a client has the courage to share the level of despair they are in. The description of sitting in a sacred space with a person who is willing to share their pain and suffering has forever changed how I will respond to clients. I have recommended this training to several co-workers. This training is a gift. I wish it it could be mandatory for all helping and medical professionals. The Edge of Life Model has the potential to do great things in how suicide is assessed and managed. Mary Ann Kalm, LCSW

Samantha Schermerhorn Parker, Los Osos, California

Really excellent training - learned so much and really enjoyed it. All the trainings I've taken through TDC have been top notch. Not only am I getting my CEUs done, but they truly are adding to my professional development and clinical depth.

Victoria Garafola, Bronx, New York

This introduction to treating suicidality course was more in-depth than most courses about suicide. It is to the point but also gives tangible and useful skills for managing suicide risk. It normalizes the occurrence of suicidality and also prepares therapists to treat it in the best, most competent, way.

Mollie Baker , Roseburg, Oregon

Excellent course. Appreciated the experiential reflection at the start. Very humbling, yet validating, to be able to acknowledge our own fears and the helplessness that we sometimes experience as clinicians, no matter how much we have trained and prepared. Thank you for continuing to expand our understanding of how "to sit on the edge" together with our clients and move past our own discomfort to better join with our clients in their time of deepest suffering.

Lidia Belle, Belton, Texas

I am happy my concerns and angst in addressing suicide were normalized and fully addressed. I am now more confident in talking to my clients about suicide and be able to sit with them through their pain, hold that space of confusion and the unknown for them and allow them to process in a manner that can allow their pain to be without my having to retreat into my own mind due to being scared or uncomfortable. This course will help save lives and opens the arena for a healthy discussion between client and therapist. For many of us, we did not know what we did not know until you addressed it in this course. Thank you for the clear road map regarding stressors and strength factors... not only from myself, but my clients aged 3 - 17.

Leslie Wasserman, Oakland, California

I have taken a lot of courses on assessing suicidality but this is by far the best one I have found so far. I plan to do CAMS next!

Evelyn Buendia Escalona, Sylmar, California

This course reminded me of the importance of being present with a client's courage to be in therapy. I really enjoyed it and wish I can hear this course on an ongoing basis to help refresh my mind.

Mintha Esformes, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Grateful and honored to hear Amanda's personal experience as well as her knowledge base in assessment and management of suicidal ideation. Such a great model to use!