Natalie Asawesna, LMFT, Tustin, California

I was able to immediately use information learned with my supervisees and see my progress and theirs.

Alexandra Phelps, Corte Madera, California

This course was so helpful! I am a new supervisor and had taken a 12 hour course through another provider that left me feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. I loved the IDM that was presented as it helped me to have a better framework in understanding supervisees. I have technically met my CEU requirements at this point but I am going to sign up for the 15 hour course as I believe this information is so valuable. I love the way it was presented with clear information, helpful examples, and concrete ideas for supervision.

Titus Ogbuafor, Not Hispanic or Latino, California

I am particularly impressed by the articulation of the role of the supervisors and clear steps of what the supervisees are expected to learn.