LCSW Exam Prep

We Are Here to Help You Pass Your LCSW Exam

We know what it's like to prepare for the LCSW exam because we've done it.  We also know there are a lot of different LCSW Exam Prep study guide materials out there because we've bought them all.  We saw that there was something missing and we knew there was a better way to study.  So we created our study systems. Here's what you should know about us and our LCSW Exam Prep System.

We organize your studying. Our motto is "Study Smart, Pass with Confidence". Other companies send you a pile of materials and leave you on your own to figure out how and what to study. Not us. We know that getting organized is half the battle, so we’ve created a 10-step LCSW Exam study system with a study plan that guides you through the program. It’s like a workout routine for your brain—a plan that gets you in shape to pass the exam. You won't waste time and energy trying to figure out what to study - you just follow the plan.

We emphasize test-taking strategies. We will teach you how to take the LCSW Exam. The real exam is 80% reasoning based questions. You need clear strategies to know how to answer "What should the social worker do first?". The LCSW exam is not a measure of your ability to memorize; it is a measure of your ability to think. We teach you how to think.

We focus on what you need to know. We offer one study package with everything you need. We cover only the essential content—the subject matter we know will be tested on the exam. We don't overwhelm you with unnecessary materials or make you pick and choose what to buy. With TDC, you will learn and hold confidently the knowledge base you need to PASS.

We make studying a positive experience. Most people dread studying for a major exam. That's because sitting with a big stack of books isn't fun. Our program is different. The lectures are interactive with handouts and quizzes; all are developed to maximize learning. Our approach is good for people with special learning needs. With TDC, you will appreciate studying because you are going to feel yourself learning! Read our reviews -- social workers love studying with us.

We have coaches available for questions. This is one thing you won’t get with other programs. Anytime you would like additional support, you can communicate with our coaches. All you have to do is submit your question and/or comment in a contact form and we will get back to you shortly. And the best part -- we ONLY hire coaches who have passed the National LCSW Exam with a score over 90%!

We are with you until you PASS! We set our expiration dates according to our understanding of the time needed to prepare fully without over-studying. Sometimes, people need more time. Whenever you need an extension or to repeat the program, there is NO CHARGE. Once you have purchased the materials, we are with you until you PASS your LCSW exam.

Have you failed the LCSW using other prep programs? Do you still have questions? Schedule a free session with an LCSW Exam coach to make a plan for success. Get Coached