ASWB Study Guide

TDC’s ASWB Study Guide

Using Therapist Development Center ASWB exam prep programs, you will have the best advantage towards passing this exam on the first attempt. The reason why? 80% of the ASWB exam questions are reasoning-based, so no matter how much content you’ve memorized, you need the right skills and strategies to determine the correct answer. TDC’s ASWB exam prep programs are designed to do just this, which is what makes our program the best compared to other resources out there.

TDC has created an ASWB Study Guide for both the ASWB Masters and ASWB Clinical exams. The ASWB Study Guide gives you a sampling of our tips and strategies, which were designed using the neuroscience of learning and written by social workers who have passed their licensing exams with 90% or higher. To download these free ASWB Study Guides, click here:

LMSW ASWB Study Guide (Masters)    LCSW ASWB Study Guide (Clinical)

In TDC’s ASWB Study Guide you will receive:

  • Top 10 Study Tips
  • ASWB Masters or Clinical Practice Exam Questions
  • ASWB Masters or Clinical Answer Rationales
  • How the TDC Program Works
  • And… a discount off our full programs!

When you’re about to register for the ASWB Exam and are ready to get serious about your studies, check out our full social work exam prep programs here:

ASWB Masters Exam Prep    ASWB Clinical Exam Prep

By using TDC’s programs, you will be feeling confident walking into the room on exam day! 


ASWB Study Guide FAQs

Will I pass the exam using only the ASWB Study Guide?

No. The ASWB Study Guide is only designed to give you a preview of what TDC’s full program offers, and will not properly develop the required skills and knowledge you’ll need to pass this exam. It is only a sample of a much larger program, one that takes between fifty (50) and sixty (60) hours of studying to complete. Our full exam prep programs come with hours of audio lectures, PDF downloads, practice tests, and full-length mock exams, so you are best prepared walking into the room on exam day.

How do the Master’s and Clinical ASWB Study Guide differ?

The content of our ASWB Study Guides are actually very similar, just like the content of each ASWB Exam is similar. The real difference between the ASWB Master’s and Clinical Exam, is the distribution of recall versus reasoning-based questions. The ASWB Clinical Exam is more heavily weighted with reason-based questions, which is reflected in our (TDC’s) full exam prep programs and our mock exams.

How can I get a copy of TDC’s ASWB Study Guide?

Simple. Just scroll up and find the Study Guide link that pertains to you (Masters or Clinical), click on the link, and then complete the form when prompted. You will then be shown a “Download” button, which you can select to have the PDF document downloaded to your computer. And then it’s yours to use and share!