What is the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB)?

The Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB) is a national organization that is dedicated to supporting the individual state Marital and Family Therapist (MFT) regulatory and licensure boards. The AMFTRB develops and administers the National MFT Clinical Exam, which all states (except California*) require those wanting to become an MFT to pass in order to receive their clinical license. In addition, to the MFT licensing exam, the AMFTRB also conducts and provides the latest research in clinical therapy, helps shape and influence state and national legislation regarding mental health, and communicates all pertinent information to its stakeholders. The AMFTRB provides guidance, support and suggestions to all important decisions that can impact the profession of marriage and family therapy.

*In California, the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) administers their own exam.


The Purpose of the AMFTRB Exam

One of the main functions of the AMFTRB is to help each state protect the public from unqualified therapists. It is extremely important that anyone licensed has the education, experience and competence to help those in need of mental health support, so the AMFTRB has developed an exam that can help assess these factors. Passing this exam helps prove to your state regulatory board that you are a qualified and competent therapist, and ready to practice clinical therapy.

The AMFTRB also requires that each candidate has met their education and work experience requirements before sitting for the exam, which is determined by each candidate's state board. The AMFTRB understands that candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, so it is extremely important to ensure each person is able to display their basic knowledge of marital and family knowledge, and apply this knowledge in a supervised environment with patients. Once a person has met the requirements, they should be able to pass the National MFT Exam.


How to pass the National AMFTRB MFT Exam

It’s easy… study with Therapist Development Center. Imagine you had a friend who just aced the exam and you wanted to know how they did it. They wouldn’t bombard you with information to memorize, but rather give you the best tips and strategies that helped them get a passing score. Based on the neuroscience of learning, TDC has developed a program to give you the best chance at passing the AMFTRB exam by providing a variety of audio lectures, PDF worksheets, and mock quizzes and exams. We want you to think about how to approach each question, versus memorizing information.

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Free MFT Study Guide

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What are the MFT State Requirements?

Each state is different, so the best thing you can do is contact the board of the state you wish to be licensed in and find out these details. To find the right contact, go to the AMFTRB Board Contact and select your state or jurisdiction to find the right representative.


Does the AMFTRB provide free practice exams?

The AMFTRB does have practice exams, but they are not free. Through their website you can purchase one for $60. Just know this is not an exam prep program, just a simple practice test to evaluate how you might score on the real exam. Here at TDC, we offer a full exam prep program designed to make you pass. It’s the only program you will need.


How do I register for the National MFT Exam?

Once you’ve fulfilled state’s required education and work experience, you will need to complete your MFT license applications through the state board you are looking to be licensed in. Once you are approved, the state board will send you an approval letter with an authorization code and link to the Professional Testing Corporation (PTS) website where you can register and pay the National MFT examination fee of $355 (non-refundable). Once registered, you will be given a six (6) week window to test, and you can find your testing location and exam date through PSI Computer Testing Centers. The AMFTRB National MFT Exam is typically offered in one week windows once per month. 


Can I reschedule my National MFT Exam date?

Yes, but be careful and try to select a date you don’t plan on moving because there is a fee. To reschedule your MFT exam date you can pay a one-time transfer fee of $165. If you reschedule your exam again, you will have to pay the full registration price of $355.


What if I fail the National MFT Exam?

If you fail the National AMFTRB Exam, you are able to retake the exam, but the number of times may vary depending on your state board’s rules. So, it’s best to check with them. However, the AMFTRB does allow you to retake the exam up to three (3) times in a 12-month period, with the next exam date at least three (3) months from the last. And if you’re using TDC, know we’re with you until you pass. We’ll reset your account free of charge and our team of coaches are dedicated to helping you devise a new strategy for the next examination.

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