Kory May


MR. KORY L. MAY, NEUROPSYCHOTHERAPIST, is the CEO & FOUNDER of The MAYDAI, Trauma Focused Clinical Network And Research Center, LLC. Mr. May specializes Treating and Healing Complex and Fundamental Trauma. Mr Mays expertise is supported in his decades of practice and experience along with various licensures, and certifications which Includes a license to practice Clinical Social work in the states of Missouri and ILLINOIS, Mr May is also a licensed Forensic Sex offender Treatment Provider and Evaluator with Professional Certifications in Dr Bruce D Perry, MD, (NMT) Neurosequential Model Of Therapeutics, also (TF-CBT), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Last but not least Mr May is a certified Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Provider (CADC) in the state of ILLINOIS along with training in (IPV) Intimate Partner Violence, and Complex Family Trauma. He has served thousands of clients in various settings for over 27 years in the areas of Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and The Department of Corrections. His mission as a clinician is to promote awareness and healing around the impact Trauma has on neuronal brain development. As a NeuroPsychoTherapist, Mr. May provides brief and extended therapy to children, adolescents, Families, and Professionals using an evidenced based medical scientific approach called The Nero-sequential Model Of Therapeutics (NMT). His approach is to identify areas of the brain that have been impacted by trauma, and provide a more informed treatment approach to intervention(s) for professionals across various disciplines including school educators. Mr. May’s special interests are integrated within The Maydai Trauma Focused Clinical Network and Research Center, whereby the agency provides training and consultations, and looks to collaborate with various organizations to insure that trauma informed sensitive care is the standard for mental health services.