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The exam was not easy, but if you pay CLOSE attention to the lectures, there is no way you can fail. The best part of the tutorial was hearing the reason why one answer is chosen "as best/first answer" over another. This program allows you to preform, think and answer as a psychotherapist! IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!


Great system and course material. Very reflective of the test. Amanda was great!


I took my LCSW Law and Ethics exam today and I passed!! TDC prepared me for the exam. The audios were easy to understand and the quick studies were great go-to's to have. I felt prepared for the exam and was confident going into it! Definitely going to use TDC when I take my LCSW State Exam!


I couldn't have done it without the Therapist Development Center. It took me almost to the end of the program to grasp the concept you were providing. Now I look back and see the stages of preparation. It truly paid off!


The lecture on Defense Mechanisms is VERY important and helpful, as well as Medications!! Additionally, reviewing the code of ethics right before the exam is smart too; trying to put things a social worker would do "in order."  All of the lectures were great, as well as the quick studies.  I love this program. I passed the first time on every exam I took using it.


I am so glad that I found out about the TDC exam prep for the LCSW L&E! The breakdown of topics with in-depth explanations helped ease my anxiety about the test and made for understanding the materials far easier than reading the exam materials on my own. The practice exams and mock exams were just the right amount to get me accustomed to the style used in the actual test. Now, I know what prep program to use for the clinical exam. Thank you, TDC!


TDC was the most amazing program! I had originally tried to study using a few of the LMSW exam prep books, but quickly found myself becoming very overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the information. I initially tried to memorize everything in these books but gave up after the first few sections. TDC helped me organize and understand the key components and material, and gain a clear sense of how to answer reasoning based questions. I took the exam today and passed by over 25 points! I honestly don't think I could have done it without TDC, will definitely be recommending this program. Thank you!!


One thing I found myself doing during the exam was reading questions in the same tone and cadence as Amanda; even using inflections where I thought she would. I found this to be so helpful as she tends to highlight important parts of the questions by just her tone. Thank you!!


Thank you, thank you for this amazing course! I utilized it within a week. I listened to the lectures, which were outstanding, and took the quizzes. The absolute best part was Amanda and her lectures. The way she explained the rationales and the 50 best topics really were helpful. The last pep talk rocked!! I did all the strategies Amanda said, and I even "heard" her voice during the exam, reminding me of some info I wasn't sure of. Thanks so much!


I passed the LCSW Law and Ethics exam this morning. I think the TDC study materials were very helpful and don't know if I would have passed without them!!!!!!


I listened to Amanda Rowan's tapes when I was driving to and from work.  It was helpful to go through it, hear the rationale for responses and take those practice tests.  I felt very prepared when I took the test!


Multiple choice timed exams give me severe anxiety. I am more comfortable writing those 20 page essays. I didn't have a study plan until I invested in TDC. My favorite part was all the audios that I could listen to at home and on-the-go via my computer, iPhone, and car stereo. Overall, I found TDC to be more interactive and engaging for self-study, making me feel less alone on my journey.


This program was very well organized and easy to follow. I would highly recommend it!


The Therapist Development Center adequately prepared and helped me pass the Law and Ethics exam on the first try! The audio files and rationales are so helpful to help you understand each question, and you are able to ask the coach for additional clarification if needed. I'd suggest that TDC supply more practice tests, as I found myself going through the mock exams twice through and still needing more practice tests with different types of questions. Maybe there is a rationale behind this, as Amanda advocates self-care and taking a break before actually taking the test.  I agree, as I took her advice before the exam and did well. I am now using TDC for the Clinical Exam prep and am confident that I'll pass!


I found the program overall to be extremely well-organized and very user friendly!  It allowed me to adapt it to my own schedule and style of learning. Organization and analytic thinking is key for getting through this the Law and Ethics exam! The test is new and it can seem daunting to have to recall all legal regulations and an ethics code! Amanda and her team have put together some great tools for preparing that make it accessible, approachable, and at times even enjoyable! I took the exam twice (time is definitely a factor on the exam) and it was good to know that TDC was with me til I passed.


I felt very prepared and competent while taking the LCSW Law and Ethics exam after having studied with TDC. The program is very complete and prepared me fully to pass the exam. I studied with TDC for 10 weeks and felt like an expert when taking the exam. Aced the test!



I had taken this exam 3 times previous to this one and I was at wit's end. I was coming close to passing prior to this on my own but could never get over the hump. I went into the examination room  this time with a new found confidence and I felt comfortable with the exam. I had to request time to go eat a snack, which helped tremendously. I finished strong with enough time to go back and check through the answers that I had marked for a second look. This time I passed with a score of 108 and needed only 98 points. Thank you so much for being available to me. I will tell everyone that I know about your program because it really works!


I really appreciated the final pep talk about marking questions and only going over those. I almost took the entire four hours to go through the test but, I felt so prepared this is a huge accomplishment for me. I graduated from my masters five years ago and I've put off taking this exam. Your program help me feel confident give me the tools I needed. I honestly feel like I learned so much through studying and that's amazing!


Tutorial and practice tests were very helpful.


I found your course for both the California Law and Ethics exam and Clinical LCSW exam to be amazing!!! I only did your course for both exams and looked at no other material. Bethany was absolutely amazing!!!! She was so quick to get back to me about my questions and her answers clarified everything. Amanda's voice was in my head the whole exam helping me decide which answer should come first. I cannot thank you guys enough- if you want to pass on the first try- take this course!


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