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Great experience! Excellent materials. Well presented. Easy to follow. The practice quizzes and mock exams prepared me well to sit for the exam and help to lessen test anxiety.


The TDC LMFT Clinical Exam Prep helped me to understand how to answer the questions and focus on the important items that are typically tested. TDC was recommended by several of my colleagues and I can confidently say that I felt confident and competent going into the exam. Thank you TDC!


So beneficial! I felt so prepared and confident for the exam and it went so smoothly! TDC gave me all the confidence and knowledge I needed to rock the test!


This study prep program is comprehensive and allows individuals to study without stress. The program is well organized which allows study time to be maximized and also allows individuals to still spend time with family and friends. A bonus to the program is I got into great physical shape during these few months. The program encourages exercise to manage stress and reduce anxiety so I was able to workout guilt free and lower my anxiety!


I was well prepared after using TDC's study material. The material taught me how to think about what the question was asking versus learning by memorization. This was fundamental when taking the actual exam to be able to rule out wrong answers and keep moving through the test. Being able to have actual practice runs of full length exams helped to alleviate the stress of the unknown. Coaches were always responsive and helpful. Hands down worth every penny!


The mocks are very helpful and prepare you well for similar questions on exam. The audios were very helpful and encouraging. After failing my first test, I was so disappointed because I had paid good money for a different testing program and I didn't really expect anything different with this program. Well my money was well invested and I would pay this money again in a heartbeat for how well prepared this program made me. I will definitely be using this program as I prepare me for my clinical exam.


This program is great for those that need plenty of guidance and structure. It really helps that the mock exams are timed which helps to get a feel for the actual test day. I found this program very useful and easy to use. Thank you for preparing me for success!


I love the pep talk at the end of the test prep. I felt as if I would never really be certain on many answers. The key to this test is stamina and time management. Reading the question carefully, which is stressed in the prep materials, is very important and the concept of ruling out wrong answers is definitely the way to work through the questions. I feel like the test prep spent the right amount of time on strategies to take the test as well as content knowledge. I don't think I would have felt as confident with any other test prep!


I am grateful for this program. I passed my first time through. It wasn't just for me, I did it for my family. I just finished an hour ago and I went in armed with knowledge. I was faced with much harder questions but somehow my knowledge from this allowed me to pass. I am a very nervous test taker and lost sleep. Robin helped me through some of my issues throughout the studying and was incredibly encouraging. Thank you. Now a well deserved break, a good trashy novel, some beach time with my kids and dogs, and then prep for the CV! Thank you!


I felt good and prepared for the exam!


The recordings were the best! The learning materials were easy to process and I loved the tips and mock exams!! Thank you so much!!!


The Therapist Development Center was very instrumental in my passing the Clinical MFT exam today!! The test was very difficult and some of the questions did not make sense, but Amanda and TDC provided the necessary tools to be able to think each question through and come up with the best answer. Thank you!!


I missed the first exam by 3 points and really needed guidance to help me focus. After using the TDC program, I passed by 14 points and increased my scores in all but one area. This program was vital to my success.


Your prep course is the best. I used it to pass the California Vignette Exam in 2012, and just used it again to pass the MFT National exam in 2017. Again, you provide EXACTLY what is needed to pass. The other prep courses I used in 2011 were overkill, and did not prepare me well enough. Amanda, yours is superb!  Thanks again for your help.


This program really helped in establishing a mindset that is needed in order to be successful on this test. The quick study sheets were probably the most helpful and I focused most of my energy on reviewing the parts (theories) that I had had difficulties in while in school, or had taken during the beginning portion of my school career. 


Thank you Amanda! Having to take this test came as a surprise to me, and I felt mentally unprepared to have to add studying to my already crammed schedule. With your guidance and tips on how to break down the studying, I managed it quite well and found the audio portion especially helpful to retain the information. Your voice was literally in my head all the time! I am positive I would have not passed this test without this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I am extremely grateful for TDC! I felt as prepared as possible for the L&E exam. The practice/mock exams along with the rationales were invaluable; they were the best study tools and prepared me for what to expect as far as question structure and timing. The guidance on how to approach the test was exactly what I needed as well. So much of the test is anxiety-related and slowing myself down by using TDC helped a ton! Thank you for helping me to pass, I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues!


Excellent program! I passed my California Law and Ethics Exam on the first try. I will definitely be using TDC for the upcoming Clinical Exam.


I used TDC for both CA MFT exams (L&E and Clinical) and was very satisfied. Amanda's approach helped me to stay on track (I'm a notorious procrastinator when it comes to studying), the way she broke down the different topics made sense, and her rationales helped me understand how to break down questions in order to find the best answer. Amanda is right when she states that you'll feel like you're failing during the exams; however, I believe my anxiety was much more manageable thanks to the support that was provided through TDC. In case the price of this program is holding you back, just know that for me, being able to pass both exams on the first try was priceless!


I loved your study material and found it to fit my style of learning very well. I always did worse on your tests by comparison to the actual tests and passed both the Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam using only your materials.


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