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From the time I was in my practicum my supervisor and colleagues recommended TDC so highly I had no doubt what program I would use! Some colleagues said they had used some of the other popular study programs but switched to TDC and found TDC superior to them all. I was convinced after so many licensed colleagues used it.  The TDC study program for Law & Ethics was terrific.  In the exam I felt very confident, almost too confident. I will use TDC for my LMFT California Clinical Exam very soon.
I thought it was very easy to follow with just the right amount of information. I would study sometimes in bed listening to the audios and reviewing my tests results with my Iphone. It made studying so easy and enjoyable without taking time away from my family! Thank you.
I received my BBS letter that I passed my MFT Law and Ethics exam. :) I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing test prep and support. The presentations by Amanda were amazing and made me feel motivated and confident to pass the exam. I had Amanda's voice in my head when taking the Law and Ethics Exam and it was very helpful. Will definitely be using the program again for the next exam. Thanks Again.
Love the rationales and how Amanda goes through each one so plainly. The quick study sheets were particularly helpful when on the go.
I liked the practice tests. They were so helpful. Your program was great. Thank you.
I greatly enjoyed and appreciated TDC's exam study materials. They were essential to my passing the exam and feeling confident in my abilities. I appreciated the prompt e-mails with my questions which were able to ease my anxiety about the test. Looking forward to using the material for the next exam as well. Thank you so much!
I absolutely love this program and I had already heard so many great things about Amanda Rowan. I am glad I got to experience her teaching style myself. I was very anxious about this exam, but with the help of this program I passed on my first try. I will definitely be using this program again for my clinical exam for licensure.
In the summer of 2016, I prepared for the California Law & Ethics exam with another study program. I remember taking the practice tests two times each and on the second round of the practice exams, my scores were incredibly high and I believed I was well prepared for the exam. However, when I got to the exam, I remember feeling mortified that the question stems were nothing like the ones I had been preparing with for the past month! I missed the passing score by one and was disappointed to say the least. One of my colleagues recommended that I invest in a study package from the Therapist Development Center and I was swayed by the guarantee that TDC would be with me until I passed. I started studying again in the fall of 2016 and completed each step through the first of the two final mock exams. This time around, I  practiced self-care and created a balance between work, studying and my personal life and I felt more relaxed going into the actual exam despite the normal test day jitters. I recalled seeing 1 or 2 questions on the actual exam that I had answered on the practice exams. I practiced reading the questions out loud while I studied so I read the question stems in my mind and was able to complete the 75 questions with ample time to review those that I had marked. Thank you TDC for your amazing program. The information provided in the study package was more than enough without feeling overwhelming for an individual who once struggled with test anxiety. I will certainly make this investment again when it is time for my clinical exam!
I have never done well at standardized tests so taking the Law and Ethics exam felt daunting. The exam prep was the best thing that anyone could have used to pass this test. You provide exactly the information you need for the test and the questions on the test were similar to the practice tests I took during studying. The lectures, practice tests, quick studies, and rationales for answers were extremely helpful. I look forward to using TDC when I prep for the clinical exam! Thank you!!!!!
This study system was amazing! From the moment I started the program my anxiety decreased. I studied more efficiently and I felt more confident as a clinician after going through this program. The program highlighted areas that I was lacking in knowledge. The support staff were amazing when computer issues or questions arose. Thanks for all your support!
I felt so prepared for the Law and Ethics exam! I would not have passed if I had studied on my own.
I took the MFT Law and Ethics once before, studied for months with another company's program, and did not pass. I bought Therapist Development Center last month, studied, and today I passed. I walked in feeling confident that I actually learned the information. I leaned into the test as you told me to, instead of fighting it. I love this program because you made learning enjoyable, and easy to master.  Thank you for all your help! Now on to the next one.
TDC has excellent preparation materials for the MFT Law and Ethics test and excellent support. Thank you!
This course prepares you in virtually every respect for the LMFT Law and Ethics Exam. The way in which the material blends the retention and understanding of pertinent factual information within the context of enhancing reasoning skills had me well prepared for the exam. The instructor not only provides guidance in a very comprehensive manner, but equally important, in a way that feels relatable and supportive.
This program was AWESOME!
I was very very pleased with the program and will be using it for the clinical exam as well. Amanda has such a clear understanding of the exam process; I brought her 'with me' into the room on exam day. One of the last things she said, 'tolerate uncertainty' helped me to stay focused throughout the 90 minutes. I highly recommend the course!
So happy to say I passed!!! My intern number expired and I had no choice but to take the L&E exam in order to renew it. This program was structured very well. I loved that I could listen to the lectures anywhere. I also appreciate that there were lots of exams with helpful explanations to guide me. So happy I chose this program!! Thank you.
The idea of studying for the MFT Law and Ethics exam was daunting and I did not know where to begin. Two of my friends who recently passed the exam told me about The Therapist Development Center. The program laid out the whole study process in a manageable and orderly way. The audio teaching was extremely helpful as I could listen to the lectures over and over until I felt I understood the content. The practice exams allowed me to test my comprehension of the information. At the end of the program, I felt prepared for the test and that I had a good understanding of the law and ethical standards that I am expected to follow as an MFT Intern.
Just wanted to thank the TDC and Amanda Rowan. I passed my L&E exam on my first try. Your program was easy and convenient to use! Your mock exams and rationales were spot-on and helped me become so comfortable with the testing process. I learned so much. Not only am I thrilled I passed, but most importantly, I know I am a better, more knowledgeable clinician. I just scheduled my Clinical exam and started your Clinical study program. I must admit, I am enjoying this journey and I'm pretty sure it's because of the TDC!
Thank you Amanda!! I heard your voice and asked myself a couple times, how would Amanda answer this question? I took my break and fueled up. I stayed calm and present and leaned in. I went into attack mode and listened to amazing motivational speeches about faith, love and destiny (youtube). This was my second try, the first I had so much anxiety I had no sleep (and only missed by 4). Your rationales were so effective because that exam is tough! You were right, the exam really tested if you knew your stuff not just key phases, and the wording they used was tricky. Yet thanks to your amazing program and insight, I passed and just had to share my appreciation. Thank you for assisting me in accomplishing a 10 year journey. :) ! 

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