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This study program helped me stay organized and focused. All the steps were simple to follow and your methods kept my anxiety levels in check. I went into the test feeling competent and ready! Thank you!
I passed! I'm so glad I used the Therapist Development Center as my studying source. I could not imagine NOT having it!
This was such a good program and the feedback was amazing and I talked to someone when my quizzes didn't seem strong enough to get the feedback. I recommend it highly and am now studying for the clinical.
This way of studying was exactly what I needed to be successful in this exam. I literally had Amanda's voice in my head as I was going through each question. Lol, sighs, now on to the clinical portion!!!!
This study guide was so helpful. It's a little expensive but it was worth it!
Thank you so much TDC . I have been telling every intern I know to use your program. As a former educator, I have created a lot of curriculum in my days, and I can say that you have created an amazing learning tool. I passed the Law and Ethics exam, with no anxiety because of your lectures running through my head. For my Clinical, I truly appreciate the fact that you updated the material frequently to reflect feedback related to changes on the test. Bless you for helping me to reach this important goal in my life. Also, Im very grateful for the fact that you continued to extend me without question. WIthout this grace, I would still be crawling towards success.
TDC was excellent for preparing for the Law and Ethics Exam. Not too much information, but just enough to gain an understanding of concepts that were tested.
TDC truly prepared me for the Law and Ethics exam! I will be purchasing the clinical exam study material with them as well because of how prepared I felt!
I passed both exams first time around!! Thank you for such a great program. I felt so prepared  and took Amanda into the test with me. Teaching me to read the question and eliminate answers saved me! The truth is, you WILL feel like you're failing the whole time, but I didn't! Thank you again!!
I truly appreciate this program and the coaches! I have never been a strong test taker and tend to get anxious and doubt myself. This program helped me to strategize taking the test and not just memorizing. I also utilized a coaching session for both the Law and Ethics and the Clinical exam and they were both very helpful and kind! Thank you so much!
This program was excellent in every way. I felt so prepared and the anxiety I was experiencing lessened dramatically with the framework TDC provided me with. Also, Robin was an amazing resource and answered all my questions as well as helped prep me for the L&E for PCCI, which I also passed on the first try. Thank goodness for this well thought out and articulated study process. I feel so much more confident preparing for my Clinical knowing I can use this program.
I passed!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your tutelage, without it I would be taking this exam again. Your program has been invaluable.
I recently received notice that I passed the Clinical Examination after three tries! Thanks to TDC's promise to 'stay with me until I pass' I was able to remain motivated at each attempt. Having taken the exam three times (one with another company and two with TDC), I feel confident in saying that this is the approach to learning and developing testing skills that actually transfer into the testing center. THANK YOU TDC!!
TDC not only helped me learn the information I needed to know for the exam but also helped me learn strategies for taking the exam. I also highly recommend talking to their individual coaches to ask questions and help reduce anxiety prior to test day.
The practice exams really prepared me for the actual exam. The way TDC explained the reasoning behind each answer, including how the test wants you to think, was very helpful when deciding which answer to choose on the actual exam. The exam was still very difficult for me, but I know I passed because of TDC's exam prep structure and my diligence in studying.
I feel that this program is the complete package. The psychology and physiology of test taking are addressed and a strategy is set in place and practiced until your test date. The practice exams are very thorough. The reviews are important to strengthen areas where you may not feel confident. All in all, the final exam felt like one of the practice exams for me. I felt prepared and confident going in. I had a strategy to make sure I didn't run out of time. And I made sure to take my break and eat my snack. Thank you so much! I am now ready to tackle the clinical exam and am confident that this program will be all I need!
I cannot even imagine facing this exam without TDC and Robin in my head and ear. This program was so helpful, I recommend it to all. I learned new things that I should have already known and solidified a deeper understanding of the Laws and Ethics specific to CA. Thank you for helping me pass this important exam. I am purchasing the next study exam. I am so lucky to have found TDC.
The test was challenging, but the TDC program helped to conceptualize the topics in a way that was easy to understand and then recall when tested on them. I recommend this program to all my friends who are preparing to take the Law and Ethics and Clinical Exams.
TDC did a great job preparing me for the Law and Ethics exam. Thank you!
The guidance and support provided by TDC was phenomenal. Going through a personal loss right around the holidays and attempting to study for the exam was not easy, but the organizational support and the easy access to the materials helped a lot. I will be using TDC to study for my licensure exam in a few months. Thank you!

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