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Absolutely the best prep time, it does not waste your time and actually teaches the material and gives you tools to take test in the correct manner.   Please don't waste your money on other test banks!!!


I had heard a few horror stories about the Clinical Vignette Exam being too overwhelming and difficult for some people. TDC thoroughly prepared me and taught me how to think on the exam. I felt extremely confident throughout the majority of the exam. As I approached the end of the exam, I knew that I was going to pass. That was such an amazing feeling! I owe so much to TDC! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I studied with Gerry Grossman for my first attempt at the MFT vignette test, studied for about 5 and a half months with them, and did not pass. I felt so unprepared even after all that time studying. Then hearing about TDC, I felt like I had something new to put hope in, in preparing to re-take the exam. I felt like I had such a better handle on the questions, and my confidence going in was like night and day. I am very thankful that I heard about this program. The coach that helped me was great. Overall, I am very happy!


Thanks for all your help. It really helped that TDC emphasized that we approach this material with the attitude that the BBS was not trying to trick us, but wanted to make sure we knew how to approach issues we might face as clinicians. Remembering that drawing on our intuition was important and that it was more important to understand the underlying philosophy of the therapeutic approaches than the phases or every aspect of the particular techniques. So I didn't waste a lot of time learning useless, mind cluttering things. I'm so glad to be done with it, and so appreciative of your help and attitude that inspired confidence and emphasized staying calm throughout the studying and aggressive on the test.


It was great using your system. I saw other friends use the other materials and they seemed to suffer. This is straight forward and I listened to the lectures and rationals in as many different settings as possible; working in the yard, folding clothes, cooking dinner, and of course at the computer. Everything was understandable and straight forward. Thanks for helping me PASS!


I found your strategies immensely helpful. Thank you so so much for your invaluable help. I seriously do not know how I would have passed it without you.


I seriously would not have passed without these materials. I'm so glad a friend recommended them. I jokingly say I have 'classroom ADD', where I have a hard time paying attention for a long time, and this program addressed that perfectly (although this is not something they advertise for). The studying time frames worked perfectly for me because of this. This system was uncomplicated and straightforward, unlike other popular systems. Thank you Therapist Development Center!


I can say without a doubt that there is no other study material out there that will prepare you as well as this material.  I tell everyone I know not to waste their time or mental health with other stuff...go with the clear winner!  I do not believe I would have passed this test if I did not use The Therapist Development Center!


TDC helped me to feel confident and ready for the Clinical Vignette Exam. Thank you, TDC for your knowledge, clarity and wisdom. Took the test today and completed it in less than two hours. I highly recommend TDC. 


Fantastic study system. Everything discussed as far as strategies, the way the questions were written, and tips to keep in mind to reduce test anxiety on exam day were completely accurate. I felt prepared, confident and was ecstatic to see the "PASS" on the screen. Thank you for preparing a great study system that was easy to follow, not overwhelming, and flexible to the needs of my job and family!

Thank you so much TDC for helping me pass my 1st exam in 5-6 weeks on my first try! I'm am beyong pleased with the teaching module and felt very prepared for the exam.  I have already recommended you guys to several of my collegues and friends.  Going to sign up for the 2nd exam prep materials right now. Again, a million thank yous, and all your advice and practice questions were spot on; just passed test on 11/14/13-woo-hoo!!

I think the study program you have developed is fantastic. It is structured, streamlined, thorough & efficient - all without being overwhelming. I used no other test prep materials (except for a few flash cards from Grossman) & felt very well prepared for the exam.  You have distilled your materials down to what we REALLY need to know for the exam and give great tips on HOW to prepare & take it.  I felt confident about my ability to pass the exam throughout my prep time - and I did indeed pass on my first try! The exam was tough - tougher than I expected actually - and a race against the clock, even though I had no problem with time during any of my mock/practice exams. I can't imagine being better prepared than I was thanks to this program. Thank you!!

This program was exactly what I needed to prepare for the exam. As soon as I started to study using this program I felt that I would be prepared and that I could master the material. On test day, I knew that the reasoning taught in the program enabled me to pass.

Thanks so very much.  As I slogged through the exam, thinking, "I don't think I'm passing", I kept remembering Amanda saying, "You will not feel like you are passing while you are taking the exam."  It was amazingly helpful to remember that.  Kept me from despairing, kept me plugging away.  Thanks for all the good strategies.  Now, I'm gonna start on the studying for the second one.

I am so grateful to have found the Therapist Development Center's study materials. After using some of the materials from 2 of the other well-known testing companies, my head was spinning. I couldn't figure out how to manage so much content, and I was sure that had to be a more refined, more intelligent way to prepare. TDC's materials fit this bill. They help prepare you how to answer any question, not just cram you full of unnecessary data. I passed both exams on my first attempt and am certain that these materials helped make that happen. I highly recommend TDC!

So grateful not to have to read through hundreds of pages of review material. This program simplified the study process, focused on the essential knowledge, gave me the skills I needed to approach the questions successfully and also gave me some great practical test-taking tips. Excellent program - loved the price, compared to the other test companies, and have recommended it to many other interns. 

I purchased TDC on the recommendation of a friend, when I realized that I wasn't getting what I needed from my first prep company. As I listened to the workshops, I could feel my cloud of anxiety lifting. It was essential for me to be able to HEAR the material, boiled down to the most important details with great testing techniques based on Amanda's experience. It was so successful that I knew TDC was the only program I'd need for the Vignette exam. Thanks to TDC, I passed both exams on my first attempt.

I really appreciated your sane, humane, wellness outlook,  The clear emphasis on the reasoning process was really helpful.  It also mattered that you kept repeating that we would not feel like we were passing during the test. I remembered that as I kept feeling like I was not passing. Thank you, thank you.  Preparing for Test #2 feels less intimidating.

Great study tips. Questions were true to the exam. I felt very prepared and relaxed when taking the exam. The lesson/lectures were by far the most beneficial aspect.

I felt absolutely prepared by TDC's program. I used no other prep materials for both the Standard and the Vignette exams. The prep courses are efficient for time management, focusing on key issues, and preparing important prep strategies. The tools that were provided for the Vignette exam enabled me to stay focused on the test. THANK YOU - you made studying feel so productive. I am so grateful that I got to feel so prepared. You're so right that it's so much about the testing process and how one approaches the test, and you helped me so much with that. I have been raving about you to my colleagues.

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