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Both your courses are incredible. I am forever grateful.


It was so helpful having TDC's personal coaching tips alongside the regular course material. Thank you!


I passed my SWE yesterday thanks to the TDC. I absolutely loved this study system. I would recommend the TDC to anyone in the process of licensure. I also found the coaching session was really helpful in managing my anxiety and the tips I received for test day. Thank you Asya!


The strategies discussed in TDC's CV preparation allowed me to feel confident in approaching the MFT CV exam, which I passed on first attempt. The course recommends you approach the exam with an active and engaged way of thinking that is far more empowering and satisfying than the more memorization-based and erratic materials than I found in Grossman.


I passed on my first attempt using the TDC system. The test was difficult, but I had the tools to pass. Thanks so much


Your material zeroed in on just what I needed to know for test taking strategies and information to pass the test.  Your philosophy/style of learning made sense and helped me with the tough questions to weed through and omitt wrong answers, completing the test in a timely matter.  Your material is simple and basic, giving only the information needed to pass the test without overwhelming with too much information!  Not to mention reasonably priced. Thank you very much for your all of your help! I will recommend Therapist Development Center to all my friends!


I want to share with you that this program made it possible for passing the Vignatte exam. I noticed that they work as a team to help you pass, no joke, they truly do and they are there all the way.  I passed the 1st time, and it is like Amanda explains in this program, it is a reading comprehension exam and the strategies that she teaches are absolutely priceless!!!!! Also Robin (I had an coaching session) was great!! Thank you all!


I would recommend TDC over any other test prep company. I attended another testing center's orientation meeting and felt extremely overwhelmed. TDC offered bite sized chunks of the necessary information to review. Her strength based approach allowed me to feel confident in what I already knew. Thank you TDC for helping me to stay focused, present, and confident on test day!


I am not sure if I can match "the drama of the win" after my MFT Standard testimonial. I am so grateful for your program, not just because I just passed the CV Exm (quite comfortably) but I really understood a lot of the things that I didn't really "get" in Grad school and am a better therapist all around. This sysyem is well organized, fun, and takes the stress and fear out of these exams! I haven't shut up about your system since I switched over from Grossman suring the Summer. I never would have passed the CV exam without your clear, calming guidance!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I passed both exams on the first try and I didn't study anywhere else.  100% confident to recommend this to EVERYONE!  Thank you!


Thank you TDC. I did pass the SWE and CVE using TDC on my first try. I was using AATBS up until two weeks before my SWE and felt completely unprepared. I purchased TDC and plowed through the SWE prep in two weeks (I would recommend just starting with this program instead :). I have never been a good test taker and TDC allowed me to feel some confidence going into the tests. I like that it taught me only what I need to know and emphasized test taking strategies. I feel like a salesperson now whenever anyone asks for guidance on prep programs because I become excited stressing how awesome this program is!!!!! I don't think I would have made it the first time without it! Thank you, thank you, thank you :)


Thank you so much for your study system. It has been great studying with you. When I had a question I received a response promptly. I tell everyone I meet in the field how great this program is. I will miss studying and learning with you. I wish you and your team the best!!


After missing the California MFT CV exam by one point several times, I was not feeling confident in my abilities to pass this test. This program taught me strategies that were practical and easy to apply.  During my prep for the exam, my question via e-mail was answered very quickly an efficiently as well as a phone call returned within hours when I began to panic 2 days prior to the exam.  Thank you!


I attempted two series of the GG CV classes, which only exacerbated by anxiety.  When I started this program, I couldn't imagine that I would be ready in five weeks, much less three.  I followed every detail, and was indeed ready in three and just PASSED!!!! I highly recommend this awesome study system for its comprehensiveness and simplicity.


I am thrilled to report I passed the MFT clinical vignette exam today!  I used the TDC strategies and it definitely made it so much easier to stay present and eliminate the wrong answers. I have been endorsing your course to my friends who are getting ready to take the exam.


The Therapist Development Center is awesome!!! I used the TDC study program for both the Standard Written and Clinical Vignette exams, and I passed both on my first try. The program does a great job of demystifying the intent and content of both exams. The study material is very thoughtfully chosen to reflect what both exams actually test. Both programs are clearly and logically structured in a way that was easy to follow and that helped me stay organized. This structure also helped me to feel less anxious about the exams and therefore allowed me to focus my attention more keenly. Additionally, I felt supported by the overall strength-based tone of the program. A significant aspect of the TDC study material for me was the emphasis placed on staying present, reasoning skills, optimal study-habits, and reliable test-taking strategies. I also want to mention how accessible and helpful the tutors were. I feel big gratitude for the prompt and constructive follow-up from both Asya and Robin in response to the handful of questions I submitted throughout the study process, and for the excellent guidance I received from Asya in a phone coaching/check-in I had with her before taking the first exam. Overall, the TDC program helped me immensely in learning how to orient myself to both exams, and I felt prepared and confident on both days when walking through the doors of the test center to take each of the exams. For those of you who are considering whether or not to purchase additional study material, I do not recommend it. While I was studying with the TDC program for the first exam, I purchased a test bank from another company because I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything important. However, I felt completely confused and derailed by the other company's material, and once I refocused my energy on the TDC study material I felt much more grounded. Having now gone through the experience of taking the exams, I can assure you, no other study material is necessary to pass either of them! I so appreciate the TDC study program for helping me to cross this threshold. Many thanks to the whole TDC team!


The strategies from this program were great while I was taking the test. Thanks so much for helping me pass this exam. Now on to the next one!!!

I am NOT someone who traditionally does well on these kind of exams.   I was so stressed by the thought of taking it.  I cannot recommend The Therapist Development Center highly enough.  Not only did they prepare me so that I passed it the first time during a stressful period in my life I was astonished to find I actually ENJOYED the process in some ways!  I learned along the way and came to enjoy the complexity of thinking required to move through the exam and succeed.  Thank you TDC, so glad you're out there!" 


Thank you so much TDC for your strategies and support in passing the exam. Fianlly I am a licensed MFT!!!I took the first exam several times using other test prep companies, but did not come close to passing the first exam until I took your study prep company. Took the second exam first time and passed.


Any test materials can teach you knowledge, but TDC goes beyond this and teaches real-life strategies to use that knowledge in a way that helps you reason through the BBS questions. I actually enjoyed sitting down to study and listen to the audios. On top of the actual study materials and audios was the accessibility of Asya, a TDC coach who patiently answered every question I emailed her during my study time. She always got back to me within 24 hours (sometimes within a few minutes) and never made me feel like I was asking too many questions. Valuable resource that is provided with what you pay for the materials. Best of all, I passed--such a relief! I've recommended this to so many intern colleagues and everyone I've talked to has given it an A+. Thanks team TDC!


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