Ivan Perkins, JD, PhD

Chief Legal Consultant

Ivan Perkins is an attorney in Santa Monica, California.  He received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Pomona College in 1994, a doctorate in political science from U.C. Berkeley in 2002, and a law degree from UCLA in 2008.  He published a book on why the United States and other advanced democracies enjoy long-term political stability, without violent seizures of power—and he hopes this pattern will continue.  He has taught various courses at the UCLA School of Law, including academic legal writing, employment law, and legal ethics.

For the past few years, Ivan has been focusing his attention on the law and ethics of psychotherapy.  He is writing a book on this issue with Amanda Rowan, LCSW, and is developing continuing education courses in this area for TDC.  He represents psychotherapists in his private practice, and enjoys making the complicated rules of this profession simple, clear, and easy to follow.

While he has never had to take an MFT or social work licensing exam, Ivan believes the TDC approach is inspired.  He is proud to be part of this team.

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