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I passed!!!  Took the MFT Written Exam last week and SUCCESS!!  I studied about 8 weeks and even in the midst of a family emergency (with a father in the hospital due to a serious motorcycle accident) was able to stay focused all thanks to the TDC.  The material had me focused on the material I needed to know, and Amanda's tips on how to study carried me through.  With a marathon like this, I would recommend no other than the TDC for exam prep.  Thanks again!

I would like to say “Thank you” for helping me to pass both MFT exams. Since I failed the written exam with other prep companies, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it through with this process again.  However, your study materials were simple, direct, and touched by your personal support. The mock exams were very similar to the real exam and I was able to pass the first exam with confidence without any other companies' mock exams.

I studied 5 weeks for the 2nd exam (reviewed few times) and I felt confident with your framing technique and guidance. The 2nd exam was much easier for me with your study guide and I was able to answer questions very quickly. I enjoyed listening to your voice while studying and you gave me a great deal of positive energy and encouragement through you voice. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful program and I am very much grateful to found your program. 
Thank you again and I couldn't do it without you.

Thanks so much for the wonderful study materials and grounded perspective you provide, I passed my second test! I really appreciate the support I felt from you as I went through this rather stressful process. Your advice and guidance were with me in the test, as I weighed mt answers I could hear Amanda's voice talking me through the questions. Beyond being supportive your advice is ethically and clinically sound and ultimately studying for this test made me a more intelligent clinician, which is the whole point!

A heart filled with gratitude for your study program.  Your program gave me the confidence after failing the first time.  I am ready to sign up for the Clinical vignette, and I know with your help I can pass this exam!!  Thank you so much!

I passed my MFT Clinical Vignette exam today and truly found your prep to be invaluable. The night before I took the exam I took a few of a competors tests and stopped half way through because the answer sets and rationals were so wrong!  Your prep helped the test make sense. I am so fortunate I found your service. Thank you again!

I want to share with TDC that I have passed my MFT CVE just about two hours ago!!! I want to take this opportunity to thank Amanda for her wonderful program and all of her strategies that helped me achieve MY GOAL of becoming a LICENSED MARRIAGE & FAMILY THERAPIST!  Your “Question Framing” for the CVE helped me tremendously!

I used both the AATBS and Grossman programs and failed my MFT Standard Written a couple of times. I was fortunate to hear about TDC from a colleague. I was able to pass both of my exams on the FIRST ATEMPT after using TDC's program!

I highly recommend Therapist Development Center, for anyone who is planning on taking both the MFT SWE and CVE!

Thank you so very much!!

I spent months studying via another test prep company while I awaited approval to take my exams. Using their home study materials and test banks, I still had trouble ever getting my scores above 70%, and I felt confused and irritated during every practice test. Two days before my scheduled test date, in a panic, two colleagues recommended Amanda Rowan's program, and said they had similar experiences. I postponed my exam 3 weeks and completed the entire Written Exam program in 2. After only 48 hours, using Amanda's test taking strategies, I had already increased my sample test scores to 80%, and by the end of the 3 weeks I was easily able to score between 80-90% without even thinking.

The 2nd exam was even easier (I admit I "freaked out" during the 1st, but used Amanda's suggestions to take a break and regroup). By question 27 I already knew I had passed the exam, and was frankly surprised at how straightforward it seemed when using Amanda's methods to reframe every question and easily rule out wrong answers.

I can't thank you enough for this program!

Just passed the Standard Written Exam yesterday!!! Thank you Amanda and everyone on staff at TDC, I am absolutely convinced that your program made the difference. By the way, I only studied for a little more than 2 weeks (although I'm not seeing clients now and teach online, so I didn't have to go to work, and made studying my full-time job). Studying at home at my own pace was absolutely right for me. I followed your instructions, and believe that reviewing my marked items was very helpful, using the "aha" rule. I had marked about 40 questions, and changed the answers to 14 of those. I finished with an hour left, and used every minute left to first review my marked items, and then to review the entire test. While going through the whole exam, I was amazed at the confidence I had in so many of my answers. Thank you for supporting me in accessing my own strengths! Just a warning..PSI is not a perfect technology zone, so watch your expectations, if you have problems don't let it stress you out during the exam! I had lots of problems with my computer freezing up (they told me to just keep hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del...LOL), and worst of all, for myself and two others who finished at about the same time, the server crashed right while it was supposed to give our results!!! They told us, oh well, we'll just mail you the results. The other two people left but I refused to go until I had my official results! Thank God they were able to resolve it. Just wanted to pass that on, to remember that nothing is 100% with computers, and anything can happen, don't let it get to you! As a few others have mentioned, there were several questions that I had already seen in our sample tests, and I did get a lot of questions on couples work and family systems theory. Good luck everyone! TDC rocks, thanks so much!!

I have to say that I have seen the materials from TDC/Amanda Rowan, and the other top two companies out there, and what made me initially choose her over the other two was the fact that her material, at first glance is more manageable. However, after the very first webinar, I knew that I would be passing the exam without a problem. Amanda makes the material very easy to learn, retain and apply to any type of vignette. Her strategies of taking brief shorthand notes, and framing kept me present with the vignettes and really helped me choose the right answer. Her style of lecturing/teaching was also incredibly helpful, as I took her voice into the exam with me. Because of Amanda Rowan and her strategies, not only was the Clinical Vignette exam manageable, I felt it was quite easy. Thank you TDC!

Thank you so much for your program!  I passed the first and second MFT exams on the first try with confidence.  Compared to other test preparation companies that I tried out, your programs JUST MADE SENSE!  For the first exam, I felt you taught ONLY what I needed to know without all the fluff and memorization. While testing, your words, your definitions, the way you explained things were in my head, making the test more clear and less confusing!  I loved how with both programs I could go at my own pace!  The lectures are so valuable and organized, the information is straight forward, the Quizzes and practice exams are JUST LIKE THE REAL TEST and the rationales are clear and concise! On the second test, the method you train is RIGHT ON with how the BBS tests!  I felt like I was passing the whole time! Thank you for this valuable learning experience!  I will continue to highly recommend you to all my collegues!  I am very thankful for your program, this is the way to go!!

I just passed the MFT Standard Exam about half an hour ago!  I am SO thrilled with the help I received from TDC.  TDC really prepared me to have the confidence, knowledge, and test taking skills to go into this exam.  I didn't feel weighed down by information, but really felt like I knew everything I needed to know to pass.  Thank you so much to Amanda and everyone at TDC, and good luck to future test takers!

I wanted to express that because of the Therapist Development Center I was able to pass not only the MFT Standard Written Exam, but also the MFT Clinical Vignette Exam. I tried the Grossman materials and found the information provided by Grossman was too overwhelming. I also tried Berkely Training Associates study material and felt thoroughly confused. I stumbled upon your program based on other reviews from an online study support group. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your material. The material is so right on point with what was on the exams. I found myself excited to study when studying your materials and this so matched my way of learning. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for helping me pass the California Standard Written MFT exam and Clinical Vignette Exam. For the first exam, I had spent hundreds of dollars with two other MFT exam preparation companies. I attended many of their workshops, received boxes of manuals, and studied everyday. According to their standards, I was prepared to take the first exam. After the test began, I went into a full blown panic attack. It was obvious, that the study material that I had concentrated on and was so proficient at learning was nowhere to be found on the test. I FAILED the first written exam.

I soon found one of your previous students who suggested that I call you. It was the best thing I could have done. You suggested that I see a hypnotist to help manage my test anxiety. You shared with me your study material, which was easy to understand, concise, and simple. It became clear to me why I had failed the first MFT Standard Written Exam.  I found many errors, and inaccurate information, in the other MFT test preparation companies test banks and manuals. I found myself calling these companies with corrections to their material.

I am so grateful that I found you.  After going through your program, I easily passed both exams. Thank you so much, Therapist Development Center!

Just passed the MFT Clinical Vignette Exam about an hour ago and wanted to give you a HUGE thanks! I had studied with Grossman and failed this exam the first time even though I was getting high scores on his testbanks. I then started using the AATBS system and couldn't manage to get my test scores to a  range that would make me feel confident enough to schedule the real exam. This was really perplexing. It was not until I started using your materials that everything came together in such a way that I was able to go confidently into the taking of this exam. I will recommend your system far and above all others! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I used both ATTBS and Gerry Grossman study programs, including the workshops and failed the first MFT exam 2 times.  I was so overwhelmed by all of the books, tapes, flash cards, and tests that I had even re-arranged my dining room into a study area for it all to fit!  The dining table was covered with material!! I felt completely defeated, with the thought I was never going to pass!  Amanda Rowan's name was given to me by my supervisor, mentioning she had a friend who had been having a difficult time  passing the exams too.  I live in Sacramento and looked her name up in the phone book, then online.  I had no idea the Therapist Development Center existed! I was amazed the minute I paid for the written MFT exam material, it was instantly available on-line.  I cannot say enough about how this program improved my self-confidence and how simple it was!  Very specific directions and for me the perfect solution. I had aha moments immediately and it was hard to stop studying!!  I was enjoying it! I passed the written MFT exam the first time and  I couldn't wait to begin the MFT clinical vignette program.  I passed that exam on my  first attempt!!! The TDC's presentation of all the material is down to earth and I felt they were in the room with me!  They incorporated humor, authenticity  and expertise throughout!  Such a pleasure to have worked with them!  I cannot say enough positive stuff about the Therapist Development Center!!!  

Words cannot fully express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation to have found Amanda Rowan, LCSW, and the Therapist Development Center for the California State MFT and Social Work licensing exams.

The TDC's approach for me was “the least amount of stress with the greatest amount of efficiency possible.” Of course one still has to apply oneself and do the work, but they have a gift for streamlining it. When I studied with them my confidence level was genuinely boosted, unlike when I studied with other test prep companies, where the task was made to seem overly burdensome, and at times not relevant to the goal of passing these exams. That this is a field where on-going education is necessary and will be continuously required, goes without saying. Amanda is one of those “naturally gifted teachers” where the material seems to make sense and to be “highly accessible” in the way she organizes and breaks it down.  She brings a deep understanding of the “style” of the exam, based on how the BBS views it, and helps students focus on areas that are relevant and more likely to be tested, in her estimation.

The TDC reviews the theories and differential diagnoses in a way that is very manageable, and covers the most important highlights. They saved me an enormous amount of stress and energy on both exams through their effective methods and efficient, common sense strategies and techniques. I found the TDC to be nothing short of “brilliant” as a trusted and knowledgeable colleague with whom I was fortunate enough to study for these exams in an “on-demand” way that accommodated my personal schedule.

In the sample vignettes and mock exams, they do not simply give the correct answers/answer sets, or rationales, but talks and walks candidates through the thought processes and reasoning for how they arrived at those answers and why the other answers/answer sets were not correct. I found great comfort in hearing Amanda's voice, as if she was my personal test prep coach, right there helping me and believing in me at the same time. Through this training, I found myself beginning to think like her, to hear her voice and thought processes in my head, which was enormously helpful for both exams.
The TDC's belief and confidence in their test prep candidates was nothing short of refreshing. Their respect for the education and clinical experience their candidates bring, and for their time, energy, and available resources to prepare for these exams was a lifesaver. In addition, the TDC's prices are extremely fair and reasonable.

For the first exam, the “Top 50” areas were enormously helpful, and for the second exam, the frames kept my focus on the exact question being asked each time. The TDC has a gift of giving “not too much” and “not too little” but very much what is needed to do well on the exams.

I recommend the Therapist Development Center's work very highly and without reservation to colleagues, if one is dedicated and also willing to do one’s part in the test prep process. Again Amanda is a naturally gifted teacher, excellent communicator and strategist, and truly cares that her students are well prepared and do well on their licensing exams.

Thank you so much Amanda and TDC. What a gift it was to study with you, to feel confident, and to pass both MFT exams the first time. Kudos to you!!! I am so thankful you decided to do this work, and also that the timing worked so well with my path. Thank you so much again!!! I am extremely happy and grateful, with your help, to be a newly licensed Marriage and Family Therapist!!!

The TDC provides structured and organized guidance for interns preparing for the MFT and LCSW licensure exams. I found the TDC to be helpful and clear in their approach to coaching me in the exam prep process.

Everyone I know who has used the Therapist Development Center (TDC) has passed & sensed they were doing so during the exams. What this says is that the tests are more straightforward than the big companies (Aatabs; Gerry Grossman, & Berkeley Training Associates) lead us to believe. Knowing this, I don’t advise going in cold, due to the six-month wait & re-testing fees, but I would choose a company that streamlines materials to the exams, enjoys a 95%+ pass rate, costs less, delivers more, & is dedicated to helping interns: A company with smarts & heart, like the TDC. Excellent beginning clinicians fail these exams as often as struggling ones, leading to more sales, like expensive coaching & company-induced anxiety management tools. While anxiety management is crucial, I suggest that interns’ first tune in & listen to such, as it may well be warning you that the big prep companies are not on your side: They mislead interns’ with conflicting rationales, impose material not being tested, blame their own inconsistencies on the BBS, & waste everyone’s time, money & energy. While my experience with Aatabs & GG felt traumatizing, finding & working with the TDC was truly as breath of fresh air. You can trust the TDC, which is a rare & wonderful gift, within a field that consistently exploits interns.

The TDC is the voice of sanity after dealing with confusion and contradictory information and rationales of the big companies tests banks for MFT's. Everything the TDC taught was spot on. I am very grateful to them for making this process understandable and straight forward for me. Using the TDC strategies, along with having a solid knowledge base, I passed the CV on my first try. I highly recommend the TDC exam coaching.

I passed both MFT exams the first time because of the Therapist Development Center. The strategies are simple and right on. I can't say enough great things about the TDC. They are the best!

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