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I couldn't be more happy...I just passed the Marriage and Family Therapy Vignette Exam!!!  I used one other test prep company throughout my studying process for the clinical vignette exam and was completely overwhelmed and frustrated with their study materials.  Their strategies made me anxious and and their materials had my head spinning in so many different directions.  I was encouraged by a friend, who had a similar experience with the other test prep companies, to buy TDC. After going back and forth with emailing Amanda, I finally decided to purchase their program; and I am SO thankful I did!  As soon as I listened to the first audio lecture I felt instantly relieved.  Amanda's audios are straightforward, honest and personable. They made the test feel so REAL and MANAGEABLE.  The structure, audio lectures, quizzes, mock exams and HW assignments are great! They build up your confidence, and they help you get in the mindset to take the exam...not memorize a bunch of material.  They rely on your clinical skills as a REAL person and help you take the test. I SOOO wished I used them for the first exam; even though I passed on my first try, I would have been much more confident and less anxious.  About two weeks after purchasing their materials I took the clinical vignette exam and passed!!! Amanda is wonderful and so was the coach I worked with, Robin!  Thank you so much TDC!  Looking forward to using you in the future!

I failed the exam last July after purchasing the Grossman materials. I felt so traumatized by the failure that I avoided retaking the test again until the 1 year deadline. My friend told me about your program and even though I had the other material, the auditory addition sounded very interesting to me. I put the Grossman material away and focused on your material ONLY for a 3-week period of time. I studied 2-3 hours per day at least 5 hours per week. I awoke this morning feeling confident yet nervous. I felt at ease and comfortable and most importantly COMPETENT the entire time. Getting ready to purchase the vignette materials now. Thank you.

Now passing both tests using your company I know there is no other company better. Test was difficult but I was more confident towards the end that I was going to pass. I can't thank you all enough for helping me become licensed !!!!!

There is no question that TDC works.  My usually disorganized way of studying was completely overhauled through a simple useful interface, a well-structured series of audio lectures, practice exams, and Amanda's frequent tips on the neurobiology of learning.   Most helpful to me were TDC's test-taking strategies which kept my anxiety in check.  A TDC coach guided me through a few final strategies a few days before the test.  I went into the exam armed only with a banana, apple juice, courage, and confidence.  A few hours later, I passed the Standard Written Exam on my first try.  Next stop, TDC test prep for the Clinical Vignette exam. Thanks, TDC!

I just wanted to share the great news that I passed the first portion of my MFT licensing exam (the written). I began studying with another test site but switched to TDC after coming across a video on youtube. Sooo happy I did. Amanda's tutorials really helped keep my studying focused and reduced my anxiety and studying so much information. I used her tips during the exam and even "heard her voice" talk me through some of the answers. I couldn't be happier and I just bought the study prep for the 2nd portion of the test. Wanted to say a BIG thanks and that I'm a believer. Good luck to everyone!

It has been a long road for me, for sure. Today, I passed the CVE and couldn't be HAPPIER! This test was hard and it took time and patience. Learning how to "reason" through the frames was very helpful, and was something I did not fully focus on before, when I failed. Amanda, your voice entered the room many times, and helped to straighten out moments of confusion. Time to celebrate, gotta go!!!!!! THANK YOU, AMANDA!!!!!!


I just became a licensed MFT! I highly recommended the TDC. Last year I bought study materials from another company and became so overwhelmed by the material that I stopped studying after only a couple of weeks. This year I used TDC. TDC is so organized and it made me feel so much more confident during the study process. I passed both exams on the first try in a 6 month study period. Thanks!

Thank you so much for making it much easier to pass.  The strategies are clear and make sense to me; the encouragement a gift. Thank you so much.

I just passed my MFT CA Vignette exam a couple of days ago.  I could not have done it without TDC! I initially used another company's test prep and all it did was add unnecessary stress with their confusing and irrelevant rationales.  Thank you so much for putting together an amazing system.  TDC's methods are simple, direct, and concise. I also appreciated their excellent customer service; they responded to my inquiries quickly. Amanda even called me herself when I first contacted them to inquire about their materials.  It can't get any better than that! I cannot wait to take CEU courses with TDC!  Again, thank you TDC! You guys are the best!

The study strategies and honing skills usefulness with the concise and spot on strategies, did fully equip me for all the obstacles and challenges of the Clinical Vignette exam. I am so pleased and excited that I have passed! The resources and availability of the staff at the center were terrific and I suggest using the tools that the Therapist Development Center have crafted so that you might pass as well- with sincere thanks and gratitude.

Thanks so much for helping me pass this exam. It was more difficult than I expected at first, just like Amanda said. It became easier near the end. The advice that helped me the most was, "tolerate uncertainty" for this test and the previous test. That helped me keep pushing through the discouraging thoughts during the test that I might not pass. Yay!

I just became a LMFT! I HIGHLY recommend using the TDC...and have been doing so to all of my MFTI colleagues since first signing up back in January for the MFT written exam! I passed both on my first try because of TDC! TDC covers only the essential information covered on the exam, was easy to understand and the rationales made sense to me. Amanda's audio recordings were animated, straightforward and comprehensive. On tough questions, I would have full-blown internal dialogues with Amanda. :) I felt particularly confident during the Vignette exam thanks to the Frames, workshop quizzes/audio answers and mock exams. Thank you , thank you , THANK YOU to Amanda and the TCD team!!!!

Thank you Therapist Development Center. I followed your process for both exams and passed them both on the first try. The study system was so well organized and informative -- I felt like I was in grad school, but this time on an accelerated plan. Amanda's lively yet supportive voice throughout was a great comfort. I channeled her during both exams and could hear her reassuring voice. At times during the exam-taking process I felt lost and remembered her saying "we have a 98% pass rate" and "you may feel like you are failing the exam, but you aren't". I highly recommend The Therapist Development Center and am happy to speak with anyone considering using them. Many thanks!!!

I just took my exam this afternoon and PASSED!!  I adhered to the methods outlined in this course, drew my "scoring grid" before starting the exam, used the FRAMING for every question, followed your advice/guidance with respect to marking X's, moving on, etc. There were naturally some questions I marked, and when I went back to them, I immediately used my FRAMES on the answers and made very few changes (if any). I appreciate your course so much...and really valued the insights that you give in the "lectures", they really helped keep my mind focused on the correct answers and stopped me from wondering or guessing or assuming. THANK YOU!

TDC rocks! I so appreciated all your research into the way the BBS creates the exams. Your analyses, and the creation of your test materials based on these analyses, are spot on. Making use of the strategies (10 Steps to Passing the CVE), and also reminding us that we DO NOT have to memorize anything (as you say,"the answers are in the vignette!") made ALL the difference. I have been disabled by test anxiety for most of my life. This time I sailed through the exam calmly and efficiently with time left over. Thanks so much, TDC!!

Thank you TDC for your course! I just passed my vignette exam. One of my employees told me about you and how you coach people with this exam. This study course was exactly what I needed to stream line my studying. Thank you again for all your hard work in creating this material!

Words cannot express how helpful the TDC was for me. I used AATBS previously and failed 3 TIMES!! I was hopeless, frustrated and ready to give up. The audio rationales were sooo helpful and helped prepare me exactly for this exam. The other testing programs were a waste of time, overwhelming and so confusing. I found myself memorizing their material and trying to remember useless facts, compared to Therapist Dev. Center where I ACTUALLY grasped concepts and understood the materials/topics discussed. My hope, confidence and motivation has been restored in this process thanks to Amanda and I look forward to using this for the clinical vignette part. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM to everyone!!!!

I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY PASSED the clinical vignette THANKS TO THE TDC AND YOUR STUDY MATERIAL! For the first time in 2/1/2 years of trying to get through these tests, I walked in feeling like I was prepared and ready with very little anxiety which was very high in the past. I so wish that I had known about your program for the written part of the test. . . it certainly wouldn’t have taken me 3 times to pass!

I can’t recommend the TDC web site and materials enough to others and believe me, I do. I tell others I know that if they want to pass this test, they REALLY need to contact the TDC. Your prices, patience, and the ability to ask for more time ( which I had to do numerous times) is way beyond any of the other study programs out there. It’s another incredible gift from you that you’re truly doing this to help us pass!

Well, obviously, I can’t say enough and I wish I could say more other than THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please let me know if I can, in any way, be of help/service to you and your generous program.

I used TDC’s program for the second MFT licensing exam and passed it on the first try. I found that using the program greatly increased my confidence and it was EXACTLY what I needed to get me thinking the way I needed to pass the WCV exam. Amanda’s approach provides excellent preparation and is very specific in terms of how she frames questions for arriving at the best answer. I truly appreciate all your study materials, support and attention and I would highly recommend TDC to anyone who wants to study for the MFT licensing exam.

I have been exposed to Gerry Grossman and AATBS materials and had the good fortune of deciding to go with Amanda Rowan's program on the second test.  I can say without equivocation that TDC's program gets you ready to pass without so much of the extraneous materials that the other test prep companies have the predilection for including.  Amanda is precise, direct, pragmatic and does not bog you down with so much unnecessary stuff - just what you need, nothing that you don't need. I studied for 2.5 weeks and passed!  Thank you Amanda and TDC!

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