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The strategies from this program were great while I was taking the test. Thanks so much for helping me pass this exam. Now on to the next one!!!

I am NOT someone who traditionally does well on these kind of exams.   I was so stressed by the thought of taking it.  I cannot recommend The Therapist Development Center highly enough.  Not only did they prepare me so that I passed it the first time during a stressful period in my life I was astonished to find I actually ENJOYED the process in some ways!  I learned along the way and came to enjoy the complexity of thinking required to move through the exam and succeed.  Thank you TDC, so glad you're out there!" 


Thank you so much TDC for your strategies and support in passing the exam. Fianlly I am a licensed MFT!!!I took the first exam several times using other test prep companies, but did not come close to passing the first exam until I took your study prep company. Took the second exam first time and passed.


Any test materials can teach you knowledge, but TDC goes beyond this and teaches real-life strategies to use that knowledge in a way that helps you reason through the BBS questions. I actually enjoyed sitting down to study and listen to the audios. On top of the actual study materials and audios was the accessibility of Asya, a TDC coach who patiently answered every question I emailed her during my study time. She always got back to me within 24 hours (sometimes within a few minutes) and never made me feel like I was asking too many questions. Valuable resource that is provided with what you pay for the materials. Best of all, I passed--such a relief! I've recommended this to so many intern colleagues and everyone I've talked to has given it an A+. Thanks team TDC!


I had purchased the complete Gerry Grossman study package for both of the MFT exams when my hours were approved. I used it to study for the first exam and passed, but during the actual exam I did not feel confident in my answers and was quite surprised to have earned a passing score. There was a lot of rote memorization and many of the rationales just didn't make sense to me. I started studying with those materials for the vignette exam and kept putting it off because I could not wrap my mind around the information and found it too cumbersome and unhelpful to have to memorize pages of "mnemonic devices." After putting my exam off 3 times, I finally decided to try TDC. And WOW! From the first lesson I felt more confident, more prepared, and like I stood a chance of passing. The approach to test prep was completely different and it helped to understand what the exam was designed to assess, rather than view the exam as the "enemy trying to trick me." The rationales were straightforward and clear. I went through all of the study materials and during the exam I was actually surprised about how confident I was in all of my answers. Based on my previous experience, I simply wasn't used to being able to so definitively rule out answer choices. I am thrilled to have spent the money on the TDC materials and only wish I had also purchased the study materials for my first exam as well. THANK YOU!!


I cannot recommend the TDC study program highly enough!  I passed both my MFT exams on the first attempt.  After watching colleagues around me procrastinate & worry about these exams for months and months, TDC's organized, structured, streamlined yet still thorough approach, was so wonderful.  I felt confident and prepared for both exams the whole way through the process. Thank you!!


The TDC study system made the difference. I would not have been able to pass without it. I did the entire system, the MFT standard written first, and the clinical vignette second. For the first test I had a one hour personal coaching session with Asya that was the key to my passing. I was stuck in some areas and Asya was quickly able to help me see where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to correct it. Subsequently I passed. I did not have a coaching session for the vignette exam, but the actual exam was more challenging than I though it was going to be, however I passed it as well. I am appreciative and grateful for the TDC and its staff. I will likely never be able to get Amanda's voice out of my head, but that's not a bad thing. TDC's insights and guidance not only helped me to pass both tests, but have helped me to become a much better and more well-rounded therapist!


I passed both exams on my first try and did not take any other prep courses, or do any other mock exams.  I followed TDC's test strategies as they were taught and they were perfect. The vignette exam would have been impossible for me without TDC's strategies!  The system kept me on track and confident.  Thank you I am so glad I used your program!!!


I used TDC and passed my MFT Standard Written Exam on my first try back in November. I was super excited to find TDC. I had been loaned a handful of materials from other test-prep companies and got really, really overwhelmed just looking at them - one book was about 4-inches thick! If I had used one of those companies, I am pretty sure I would still be studying for the exam :/. In contrast, I found TDC's materials to be simple and matter-of-fact - and to my surprise, I found that I actually kind of enjoyed the studying process. I did have some anxiety leading up to the exam and scheduled a 1-1 session with Asya - she had a really calming presence and gave me some additional pointers that were unique to my situation. When I took the exam, I felt nervous but 100% prepared. I am now cracking down to study for my second exam - I plan to use TDC and pass again on my first try!


I passed both exams the first time with TDC. I felt confident going into the exams, and feel much more confident in my clinical skills as a therapist, and for that, I am extremely grateful. Overall, fantastic system and I am already recommending to colleagues and friends. I am so glad the process is over! :)


I would like to share that I have been in the testing phase for over five years with many years of disappointment and frustration. I had ordered another program, attended their classes and took all of their text prep exams online. I can say without hesitation their program doesn't come close to teaching you what you need to know to take the exam. The only thing I learned from their test is how to memorize their test bank questions which leads to failing. TDC teaches you what you need to know to pass the exam, not a bunch of overwhelming material to memorize. I can say though, the first 12-15 questions were very difficult and I thought oh no I'm going to fail again! I only had 30 min left to answer the last 15 questions. At the end I went back to some of the first questions I had marked and finished the test with 4 minutes left when I pressed end. When I got through their survey at the end and read PASS on the screen I simply cried with relief! It has been such a long time trying to get to this point! I definitely would recommend TDC to anyone! Thank you so much!

I took the Clinical Vignette yesterday 1/17 and PASSED!!! Thank you TDC so much for being with me all the way, from the SWE to the CVE, and for helping me to be absolutely prepared to go into the exams with confidence so as to pass both the first time around! I am now proud to be LICENSED MFT!

I am so happy to share that I passed both the SWE and CVE Exam and I feel that TDC was pertinent in helping me achieve my goal of licensure! What I appreciated the most was how TDC and the team updated the information when necessary to ensure that we had the most accurate information, as well as answered any and all questions. Thank you again!


This program is streamlined, easy to understand and straight forward! Thank you, thank you. What a breath of fresh air.


So I just passed the second test only a month and a week after passing the first test. Apparently you have to wait a month after you pass the first test. So excited I passed! This program helped me successfully pass both tests within almost a month of each other and I am so happy about that. I am a working mother of a 7 month old so finding the time to study was not easy and this system gave me the tools I needed to pass both tests quickly. I am so grateful for this program. I have already recommended this prep company to others as I feel it simplifies the tests, does not make you overwhelmed with too much extra things you do not need and gets you the results you want, fast.

TDC's study program is great. I just passed the MFT Clinical Vignette exam! I appreciated how TDC really streamlined the study program to the necessary test taking strategies. This test prep really eliminates unnecessary filler material that I found on another test prep I did for the Standard Written Exam. I am pleased with not only passing my licensing exams, but that I researched test prep companies and found this test prep! It allowed me to study on MY schedule from home and/or work without having to attend classes or join study groups. Thank you TDC!


I had originally studied with AATBS and was extremely disappointed and frustrated with their teaching methods. I failed the Vignette Written Exam 2x's after using AATBS both times. I was at my wits end until a colleague told me about your program. I followed along with your program and I PASSED! I will definitely recommend this program to a friend!!!


I so appreciated the organization of the material, and how I could pace myself and come back to sections I needed to.  I thought TDC's recommendations were very helpful, and I appreciated their realism and solidity.  I also appreciated how I could ask questions along the way and get a response. I'm quite grateful to all of you, thank you very much!


Thank you so much. Not only did I feel prepared for the exam, but I feel like a more confident clinician. Asya was amazing; she contained my anxiety, and validated my experience. I definitely took Amanda into the exam with me, which helped tremendously. Now on to the CVE!


TDC, you are awesome!  While I was super stressed about the whole process and leading up to the test, I followed your instructions and took a self care day the day before the exam and didn't study at all that day. I was intimidated about the study process but this program took a lot of the intimidation factor out of the process.  Thank you!!!


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