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Thank you Therapist Development Center. You taught me what I needed to know to pass this test. You covered material other study programs did not, and helped me to understand the reasoning behind the questions. I would not have passed without you.


I have never been a confident test taker, so I knew that I was going to need some help to study and TDC did not disappoint! I love that it was concise, and only had information that was pertinent to the test - no fluff! I felt so confident and prepared come test day, that it was just like taking the practice tests.


TDC helped me tremendously. I really appreciated the speaker taking time to talk about each topic. I wrote down notes while listening to her audio on my computer, which helped me prepare for the practice exams. I appreciated her taking the time to talk about each question to justify her answer; this helped me tremendously as well.


I took the law and ethics test prior (2016) to purchasing this program, and did not finish the exam. I think I was so nervous I just petered out and time ran out. This time I took the final practice exam, I arrived early and reviewed the practice material, and prayed for a long time. I went in and passed the exam. Thank you all for helping a new therapist pass this exam.


Using the program was so helpful. The practice exams and rationalizations are what helped me get an aerial view on what the BBS will test for. Thanks so much... of course I PASSED!!!


After graduating with a Master's in MFT, I decided to take a break from it not knowing if I would ever return. Seven years later, I am now back and taking steps toward Intern status again. Even after the long break, TDC helped me prepare for the Law and Ethics Exam so I felt like I just graduated yesterday. I would even go as far as to say I felt better prepared after TDC than I did after graduating. The material is easy to follow and the many practice exams and rationales helped me so much to not only learn the material, but to also gain experience taking a timed mock test. Because of this, I felt completely calm and collected in the testing center. I already knew what to expect. I had already been there and done that....and I passed first try! I am truly grateful for this program and highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on preparing for the Law and Ethics Exam.


The first time I took the Law & Ethics exam I failed. I had missed it by one point, and I was devastated. I was very disappointed with myself for thinking that I could pass without having to study much (not good). I made the mistake of not following the material as it is structured in the program, and I didn't take the practice exams. After failing the first exam, I kept putting off studying until two months before I had to re-take the exam (10 months later). This time I made sure to go through each module step by step, doing the practice exams, as well as the final practice exam. Guess what? I passed. I am so grateful to TDC for this great program, and I can't wait to take the 2nd MFT Exam. Thank you TDC!


I can honestly say that I was motivated to keep on keeping on because of TDC's motto of "being with you until you pass."


I used TDC exclusively to study for the MFT CCE and found it enormously helpful, not just in reviewing the material, but in learning quirks of the test and skills for taking a 4-hour test successfully. I highly recommend it.


The program made me feel ready and confident. I knew I would pass. Thank you!


Before making the decision to take the exam I researched potential test preparation companies. An acquaintance recommended that I try The Therapist Development Center for my preparation for the California Law &Ethics exam. I can not tell you how pleased I was with the program throughout my study. I find that I am an auditory learner and the lectures were just perfect for me! The mock exams are very similar, if not more challenging than the actual questions on the exam. In my opinion, if you follow and complete all tasks included in the study program, you will have a excellent chance at passing the real exam the first time. I just completed the exam a half hour ago and I went in feeling extremely confident that I would pass the exam the first time. I will come back and purchase the study program for the California Clinical Exam once I am qualified to take it!!  The purchase of this program was well worth the cost!


Thank you so much for your excellent program. It helped me succeed on both of my exams. I had listened to your final lecture which really helped me to not stay "stuck in the mud".  Thank you so much for your practical and supportive program. I certainly recommend it to anyone who is going through the licensure process.


I felt the program was very helpful towards developing my skills in preparation for the ethics exam, especially all the mock exams. I was able to get feedback from my questions promptly and the people were very flexible with helping me afford the program. I am very thankful.


The Therapist Development Center study materials and practice exams for the CA MFT Law and Ethics examination were an easy addition to my daily routine. In the past, the study programs offered for graduate entrance exams and other academic tests felt stale and often overwhelming in the time commitment. The MFT Law and Ethics study program was not only straight-forward and comprehensive, but I actually enjoyed learning through the practice guides and tests. I felt very confident days before going into the exam, and sure enough, I passed! Thank you so much!


This program took a lot of the tension out of studying by giving a clear, step-by-step method. I especially appreciated that it gave me a good handle on the DSM V.


This program provided an excellent overview of the material to be tested. Amanda's lectures were engaging and held my attention. Her approach to preparing for the exam helped to ease my overall anxiety.


The test was a beast!  But TDC helped me feel prepared for it!


I felt like TDC was organized, user friendly and helped me in staying on top of my studying. I liked the layout and feel, and I would use it again for my clinical exam. Overall I am grateful for the studying prep and glad I passed!


I felt prepared and confident going into this exam. I appreciated the structure, the rationales and the test taking tips. This was an excellent program.


The study materials were great. They were very well structured, and easy to follow. I appreciate the planning, study tips, and test taking tips. My biggest challenge was managing my own test taking anxiety. Overall great study system. I've never tried any other, but the passing part is what matters the most.


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