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The test was a beast!  But TDC helped me feel prepared for it!


I felt like TDC was organized, user friendly and helped me in staying on top of my studying. I liked the layout and feel, and I would use it again for my clinical exam. Overall I am grateful for the studying prep and glad I passed!


I felt prepared and confident going into this exam. I appreciated the structure, the rationales and the test taking tips. This was an excellent program.


The study materials were great. They were very well structured, and easy to follow. I appreciate the planning, study tips, and test taking tips. My biggest challenge was managing my own test taking anxiety. Overall great study system. I've never tried any other, but the passing part is what matters the most.


First, I heard great reviews about this program and now I am raving about it to everyone!! I felt it covered everything I needed to know for the test and more. The lectures were extremely detailed, and I felt like I learned more from this course than the law and ethics course I took for school.


TDC was recommended by a lot of my colleagues, who had passed using it. As a working mom, this course was very helpful, which made it easy to go at my pace. I enjoyed the handouts and audios, which were easy to understand and follow. Once I completed the course and reviewed the material again, I felt confident, at ease, and ready to take the exam. Overall, I'm a satisfied customer and will also recommend TDC as well.


AMAZING!!! PASSED the clinical exam!!! Thanks to TDC, I was able to acquire great test taking tools as well as obtain a greater understanding of all the concepts and materials!!


Beyond prepared during exam day! Will definitely use for the clinical exam as well.


This comprehensive guide not only effectively paired audio and visual learning, but it made the process personal and connective. I appreciated the strategies, rationales, and thorough breakdown of questions and answers. The lectures on theories and the DSM were also an especially helpful review. I am licensed out-of-state and was going through this process again moving to California. As a comparison to the study program I went through previously, I benefited far more from this approach and felt as though my study time was used more efficiently. Not only was I equipped to take the exam, but I gained additional knowledge of my field. Thank you!


This study system is very thorough and really provided the encouragement and knowledge that is needed for this exam. This could have been a very overwhelming experience, but if the program is completed as directed, you will feel confident going in to sit for the exam.  Asya was excellent in providing helpful information and was very supportive.


I loved this program and felt very well prepared for the exam. Thank you for helping me pass!


Thank you for providing such an excellent test prep system. Everything was so organized and I knew what process to follow in order to prepare myself for the exam. I learned how to study for the exam and how to choose the best answer based on the information provided. Thank you again for such a great experience and I will recommend this system to everyone!


After using Therapist Development to prepare for the Law and Ethics exam, I knew I would pass. And I did. So of course I took the study course for my MFT Clinical. I passed on my first try. Thanks for this program! I recommend it highly.


This was a fantastic program. I started off feeling really nervous about taking the exam, but by the time I finished this program, I was fully prepared for the exam. Thank you so much!


I felt beyond confident going into the exam thanks to this program! Understanding how the test works and how to sift through the information given in each question was invaluable to me during the test.


I enjoyed studying with Therapist Development Center for my Law and Ethics exam. Their program is organized and makes one extremely prepared for the real exam. They don't provide any extra material or information that you do not need to know like other study programs. Their direct and concrete approach to the material is what made me pass, and the coach that helped answer any questions that I may have had during this time made me feel supported. Thanks again to everyone, including you Robin. Looking forward to begin studying for the Clinical exam with TDC!!!!!!!! :)


This program covered the material for the exam in a way that maximized my learning by being focused, integrating learning styles, and being good at modeling thinking through answers. The techniques, such as learning to rule out two wrong answers, was very helpful in test day. I will use this program again for the clinical exam for sure.


I tried another study tool to pass the MFT L&E exam and realized when taking the test, I was ill-prepared. I knew I couldn't risk the retake to chance.  A colleague told me, I must use TDC, "you must", she stated. So I did. The program is robust and thorough. The methods of study were perfect for me as it uses audio and practicum. I walked in for the retest confident! I knew the answers because I knew how to take the test. TDC taught me that. I passed! Most importantly, I am a more informed clinician.


I found the TDC system more than adequately prepared me for the LMFT Law & Ethics exam.


I have been working in the mental health field for five years. The tricky thing about the test is that you must prepare specifically for the test. TDC helped me understand the test better which helped me process the order in how I would answer a question.


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