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TDC was recommended to me by two separate co-workers who used the TDC study program for their licensing exams. TDC is great because they use audio lectures, study sheets, quizzes, and practice exams to meet the needs of all learners. The structure was really helpful and relieved a lot of the stress of worrying about whether I was studying too much, not enough, etc. They plan all of that out for you! I used the TDC coaches a few times throughout my studying, and they were very responsive, helpful, and encouraging. Thanks TDC!


Loved the entire process and program! Thank you for the support and helping me study! The site was very easy to navigate and was structured perfectly. I look forward to utilizing TDC for my clinical exam as well.


PRAISE GOD!!! I just passed my LCSW exam! Let me be the first to tell you that I am not a good test taker and my anxiety was high for this exam. I took the exam the first time and failed with other material. When I heard about TDC, I brought the program and it was well worth the money. I scored in the low 70s on my mock exams and I thought about delaying taking the real exam. I focused on the strategies, test questions, and study sheets. I went into the exam well prepared and felt comfortable. I was still nervous at the beginning but I passed the exam. I want to give a special thanks to Bethany. Every time I needed to talk to her, she was knowledgeable, quick with responses, and she eased my anxiety over questions I did not understand. Thank you TDC!!!


The test was very manageable. For the study sessions, Amanda had a great speaking voice, a good personality, was easy to understand and came across very knowledgeable. Personally, I hadn't done so great on the practice tests (I didn't get the necessary 70% or more on each test), so I decided to listen to the entire course a second time. I didn't want to risk failing. It was time consuming, but it was worth it. In addition, I emailed Robin (one of your coaches) regarding specific questions. All these things prepared me well for the actual exam. No surprises on the exam at all. I referred you to someone who failed the exam at the testing center. She said the practice course she studied with (I don't know which prep class she took) did not prepare her at all for the real exam. I'll definitely use Therapist Development Center to study for my LCSW Clinical exam. I now feel confident that I can pass that test as well, which is a great relief. :) You provide a great service. I actually found the subject matter very interesting. I feared that Law and Ethics would be a very boring topic to study for, but it's not! I enjoyed the subject matter, and I learned a lot!


Thank you for helping instill confidence and expertise in the subject matters tested. I am so happy to have passed and am gearing up to purchase the LCSW Clinical study materials next!


I passed the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam!! I am a huge procrastinator and TDC has really helped me with time management. I also have test anxiety and TDC has helped me overcome my fears by taking my time, not over thinking, and patience. Thank you TDC!!!


I am thrilled that I passed the LMSW exam, the first time, with an 80% passing rate. The Therapist Development Center played a key role in my success. I highly recommend this unique study program. I honestly felt like I had my own private tutor when I listened to the audio presentations and completed the worksheets and quizzes. When I e-mailed my questions, the program replied back to me almost immediately. Thank you!!!!


This program really helped to reduce my test anxiety. All through college I stressed on every single exam and second guessed myself. I went into this exam confident and felt like I knew I would be Ok! Came out with a smile and a passing score!


I definitely couldn't have passed in 4 weeks without this study system! The test was even more reasoning based than I thought; so often question answers felt ambiguous. The knowledge about the test and tips to pass were really what got me through my anxiety and uncertainty. So thankful to be done!


TDC's program of study is about understanding concepts and reinforcing sound clinical judgement, not just testing strategies. The test I took was primarily clinical judgement questions and the strategies for working through rationales was invaluable. After using this program, I not only passed my clinical exam, I also feel like a more competent clinician because the DSM V Differentials and 50 Top Topics sections were absolutely applicable to my day-to-day practices.


The TDC study program for the California Law and Ethics Exam is excellent. I recommend this study program without hesitation.


Not only did the course address the topics well, and the mock exams sufficiently help prepare me, but having this type of course really made me feel much more confident walking into the exam. I am an auditory learner, so having the audio review of the first three practice exams was so helpful in preparing me how to take the actual exam itself in finding the right answers. Thank you!


The program was easy to navigate through. I went through the TDC program twice to make sure I understood and retained the material. During my first go-around, I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. I did great on the mock tests the second time through and was able to compare my scores from the first time. I was able to pinpoint the questions I continually missed, which helped me focus on a particular area I was struggling with. By the time I took the two final mock exams I was consistently getting an 80%. I was feeling pretty confident that I was understanding the material in a way the BBS was asking. When I took the exam today I felt ready. I did exactly as the final pep-talk suggested. I moved through the test questions timely, giving myself 20 minutes to review the answers I thought were questionable (which was about 19 questions). I assumed I got about 72% based on what I thought I got right. The particularly hard questions I thought were sample questions that were not counted toward the score (the ones they throw out). They were super hard to understand and it was not clear what they were asking. I did use my remaining 20 minutes to review the answers I wasn't sure about, and through the process of elimination, I thought I did fairly well on those too. I don't know my real score but I passed. I passed! I passed! I passed! I'm doing a celebration dance and am confident TDC with help me feel just as confident on the next LCSW test! Thank you TDC! We rocked it together!


I can't thank TDC enough! If it wasn't for this program, I know I wouldn't have passed on the first try! Life was coming at me hard and I didn't get to study the way I knew I should because of time restraints. However, I maximized my drive to and from work by listening to audio lectures. Those lectures are a life saver, as well as the quizzes and mock exams. Thank you again!


This is the only study system I used for both the Law & Ethics as well as the Clinical tests. This system is so concise and just so right on! I passed both exams on the first try for both. There is no better investment you will ever make than to invest in this study system!!


I cannot imagine taking the clinical exam without this program. There is an overwhelming amount of information that one must digest in order to be prepared for the exam. This program does an exceptional job of providing a structure to make that process far more manageable than if you were to just buy one of the many prep books out there. If you listen to the lectures, repeatedly review the quick studies and take the quizzes/mock exams, I guarantee you'll pass.


Excellent exam prep. I felt well prepared and confident. Thank you for being in "my ear"!


Thank you so much for all your help and quick responses to my comments. I found the quizzes to be most helpful. Thank you again.


Each step of the test prep journey, TDC was supportive. It was comforting to know that TDC was going to stay with me until I passed. I especially liked the organization of the study center; it offered all learning modalities without being overwhelming.


I passed the LCSW exam on the first try!!! I completed the quizzes once, completed the Practice, Practice, Practice quizzes once, took one 85 question Mock exam, listened to your Final Review and Pep Talk twice, and listened to your rationales twice (Let's Talk Ethics really helped to capture the main purpose of the exam). I did not get to the second Mock exam or the Two Final Full Mock Exams because I really felt confident, plus I was exhausted from balancing work, husband, child, studying, and I currently work in a clinical setting, where I am blessed to have received lots of experience! The day of the exam (05/30/17 8:00 AM), I was exhausted, but God is awesome, and was by my side!! I sat down, took a deep breath, put the earplugs in, and went to work. I imagined working with my clients. At about question 45, I began feeling a little confident, and by question 80, I was on a roll. I stopped at question 110 for my first and ONLY 5 minute break, ran to the bathroom, stretched in the hallway, went back in, took another deep breath and said, "Ok, let's finish strong!" I can honestly say, the majority of the questions reminded me of your Mock exam/quizzes. Your program was very effective, and although my employer offers free supervision, and free study material, it doesn't compare. Future focused, after I have time to process this emotional, exciting life changing experience, I will decide how to proceed with my goals! Thank you again, take care!!


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