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TDC helped me to thoroughly prepare for the BBS Law & Ethics Exam. I passed on my first try!! I will certainly be using their study materials for the clinical exam. Thank you, Amanda, for all the work you put into recording the lectures.


Great program. If you want to pass you have to get Therapist Development Center Program it's awesome!!!!!


TDC helped me learn the material and feel confident before and during the test. I used Amanda's tips and took her with me in the exam. I am grateful for this program and can't wait to use if for the clinical exam.


This is by far the best test preparation materials I have ever used for exams throughout the MFT experience. I was calm and ready the day of the exam, many questions were actually easier than many of the mock exam questions (that is after doing the studying, taking ALL mock exams and reviewing rationales). Like all things, you get out of it what you put in. The amazing thing about this program is the structure which helps ensure you do go through all the steps, focus on the essential material, and experience applying what you learn in different scenarios and the audio helps walk you through decision making process during the exams. Excellent program!


I am so grateful for this program! It really helped me prepare and my experience with my coach Robin was wonderful as well. She was flexible, supportive and knowledgeable when I reached out to her. I just needed a quick conversation to clarify some things and the option for more coaching was there if I felt that I needed it. I know that I will be a much better clinician after having gone through this program and I loved learning all the wonderful material in a way that I could actually digest the information. The mock tests really prepared me for the real test. I listened to Amanda's pep talk all morning before the test and that was really helpful too! I really felt supported and will look forward to using it again for my clinical exam in a few years. Thank you so much!!!


TDC offered me a very easy and straightforward way to study. After the 5 practice exams and going over the rationales, I was able to feel fully prepared for the exam. In fact, the real thing was easier than the final mock. Thanks TDC!


TDC helped me learn the material and feel confident on test day. The practice test prepared me for the actual exam and I felt that many of the questions had the same content. Amanda's rationales helped a lot and I definitely took her with me. Thank you so much!


I was very impressed with the TDC program. I've got ADHD which has always been challenging when I've had to study. TDC's program helped me stay on focus and a doable study schedule. I also did have Amanda's voice in my head during the exam, which was very comforting. Bravo TDC for a great program!


I am thrilled beyond words this time I passed. Thanks to the amazing guidance of the lovely Robin! She certainly is an asset to your team. She helped me figure out how to immediately get rid of two answers with more and more practice I could figure out the right answer. I love the visual and the auditory tools Amanda has laid out in this program. Really made this difficult process a lot more manageable. Thank you again ! Now using your program to study for my clinical exam.


TDC is an amazing program! I am a nervous and anxious person and don't usually do well with timed exams. With this study program, I felt much more confident and felt adequately prepared for both Law and Ethics and the Clinical exam. Amanda's advice helped me to think in a way I needed to for the test and will continue to do so for any standardized tests in the future. Any question I had was answered very quickly, the staff went above and beyond to answer my questions and provide feedback. Not only did I pass, but I learned information and concepts that I didn't know previously or hadn't been taught. I found myself thinking while studying, 'I wish I knew this before, it would have helped me as an intern.' Thank you so much TDC team for all your hard work and support. I would recommend this program to anyone and am so grateful for it!!


I PASSED!!! TDC was easy to follow and focused on the necessary material. I learned so much and actually enjoyed studying. Robin was so prompt and helpful in helping me reason through questions I struggled with and with managing my anxiety. I have already recommended TDC and will be using it again when it's time to study for my clinical exam. Thank you!


I have used other study materials in the past for major exams and this is by far the best. I just passed my Law and Ethics exam on my first attempt. I didn't really know if Amanda's voice would stay with me while in the exam, but it did. I had some questions that were very odd, none of the answers were 'right' and I don't know that I would have picked the 'best answer' had I not done this program and practiced ruling out answers. There were other questions very similar to the mock exams, and in general were easier than the mock exams. I cannot thank my friends enough who recommended this program, nor Amanda for putting this together. Best prep materials you can get. They are more affordable, organized, and thorough than just have to actually follow your plan (best you can). Like all things you have to put in the effort, but Amanda helps calm your nerves before, during, and after studying and before and during the exam. Thank you so much!


TDC was so extremely helpful and the best part was when Amanda explained the reasoning behind each question to help me understand! Thank you so very much and I will definitely be using TDC for my clinical.


TDC went above and beyond to prepare me for the MFT Law and Ethics exam! I not only enjoyed the program, but I believe it enriched my clinical skills tremendously. Sitting through the exam itself was arduous, but I used all of the techniques from TDC to stay calm and focused. My coach, Robin, was very responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. Her encouragement gave a personal touch that complimented the down-to-earth quality of the TDC program as a whole. I appreciate the work you all do at TDC. Looking forward to using your program for the MFT Clinical Exam soon!


Excellent program.


OMG! I passed! The first time! I have to say this program for sure was the reason I passed! I am not a strong standardized, timed test taker and my anxiety was pretty high at the thought of even knowing how to prepare to study for this test. The Therapist Development approach really worked for me. It uncluttered my mind, helped me to know what to focus my attention on, and the tips  and timeline were invaluable. I did exactly what the program said to do and it worked! I just received my results in the mail today and I wanted to leave my testimonial first, even before telling my family! I truly appreciate the thoughtful way this program was put together. As a non-traditional learner this is exactly what I needed! THANK YOU!


I thought Amanda did a great job of covering all of the material found on the test as well as preparing mentally with pep talks and tips for success. I really appreciated the number of practice tests offered and the thorough rationales with each. Amanda's voice is calming, confident which helps prepare along the way both educationally and mentally. Thank you, TDC!


TDC has taught me how to reason the answers and has made me think logically and experientially. I also received excellent help from staff with answers to my questions. I also received coaching on strategies that became very helpful, especially strategies relating to conceptualization and time management. Whenever I needed help I received timely and consistent support, and never felt ignored or left to wait. This is quite an amazing support system.


I listened to the lectures and took notes on the computer, I barely passed my first practice test, I failed my second one, became frustrated and reached out to Robin. I found the most helpful study technique for me was looking over the rationales for the questions that I missed, I then categorized them by Top 30 topic, then picked the most challenging topics for me, I listened to the lectures (taking note of the time stamp so I could return more easily next listen-through). I retook notes by hand over the prior notes that I had printed out. I found Robin's advice to take ownership of the blank table extremely helpful because I was able to reorganize the topics in multiple ways to improve my recall and depth of understanding. I felt really prepared walking in to test, but as I walked out of the test, I had a hard time letting go and feeling the same confidence. By the time the test score arrived, I was certain I failed, but I passed! So thank you for a great, thorough program!



I think if I would not have had this program to guide me through the study process, I would have been completely overwhelmed by the material and probably had an anxiety attack. The practice test questions are worded very much like the ones on the actual exam and give you a good idea on how questions will be presented. Listening to Amanda  give the rationale to both right and wrong answers were really helpful in determining why if there were two 'good' answers, instead of a 'right' answer, why one was slightly better than the other.


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