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I found this course very helpful and really appreciated the support team. I felt that they were with me to the end and that having the ability to submit an extension gave great value to my investment. I would highly recommend this study course.


I went through the full program twice over 6 months. I then repeatedly listened to the audios on theory as I took walks. I also made flashcards based on what Amanda said were key concepts. I typically finished my mocks 30 minutes early, but intentionally slowed down on the exam. At the 100 question mark, I had about 1 minute per question left, but soon I started to fall behind. In the end I was racing against the clock and didn't finish my last 7 questions (took a wild guess with 1 minute to spare). That said, I did pass. Thank you!!


By following this program as instructed I was able to understand the intent of the questions, therefore I had the ability to narrow my answers down very quickly.


I had absolutely no concept of law and ethics, even though I've passed the class years ago. This is the best program because If I was able to pass from the very fist time, anyone can. Right now I am studying for my clinical test and I have all the confidence in the world that this program is going to cover and teach me all that I need for the exam. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to pass the exam for the first time.


I must say that I was blown away at how prepared I was for this exam! The study materials from Therapist Development Center (TDC), served to not only prepare me for and ultimately pass the exam; but, my usual test anxiety was diminished to almost nothing. Reason, the aforementioned materials made the state exam feel familiar and it was just like being at home taking a practice exam. In fact, my anxiety came after the test because I was able to complete the exam in 45 minutes- one-half of the 1.5 hours allotted to take the exam! Lastly, TDC was very supportive of me in a time of personal need where I was experiencing a 'rough patch of life' and required multiple extensions. TDC was empathetic and responsive and I am deeply grateful to them for everything. I will absolutely be placing my faith in them once again by purchasing the prep materials for the Clinical Exam. If you are shopping around for prep-materials for your exam; shop no more! You have found what you are looking for in TDC! To any and all whom might be thinking this is a paid or internal endorsement, please feel free to contact me at and I can provide you with whatever you need to feel confident in this investment. Best wishes and The Lord's blessings to you!


I felt like a success thanks to all the tips and strategies provided. During the exam I felt as if I was pulling out all those tips and advices you gave me out of a hat. I felt confident answering each question and I recognized those few questions that just didn't make sense, which I never thought I would. Thanks, especially to Amanda. Thinking of you being in the room and hearing your voice walk me through questions I felt uncertain about, especially around timeline, reporting sexual abuse of minors, and when getting the answer down to 2 options, really helped to keep me moving instead of becoming stagnant!


I was licensed in another state before relocating to California. When I applied for my MFT license I discovered that I needed additional coursework to qualify to sit for exams. I invested in the additional training AND chose to invest in TDC exam preparation. TDC provided me with the education, structure, guidance, and confidence I needed and I passed the MFT L&E exam!


I believe that TCD was a great program for learning not only how to take the test, but solidifying the content as well- I am much better informed on L&E than I had been before working with this material.


Thank you for helping me to become a better clinician. I truly appreciate it.


I really appreciate the mix of written and audio information since we all process information differently. I also liked the number of practice exams; I feel I learn more when I get an answer wrong. With the rationales I was able to get accustomed to the purpose of the question and how to think it through.



This program really helped me in preparing for the L&E exam. I was able to apply all strategies discussed and covered through the program. I am extremely thankful this resource helped me pass the exam, but also clarified and educated me on the most current information.


TDC stepped in when I needed them most. The course helped tremendously with organization. The best thing about the study program is the way that all issues are addressed from different angles; reading, quizzing, listening to audio........I was able to look at the material from different angles. Studying material from a variety of approaches and different senses (sight, sound, writing with hand, etc.) all seem to reinforce the material from all angles. I will be using TDC for the next MFT exam!!! Thank you for the excellent exam prep program.


I felt like I was not doing well on the practice exams, but I felt like they were similar enough to the real test questions so I felt more prepared. Thank you!


I am a new mother and it was a bit rough for me trying to find time set aside to study. The thoroughness of this program, I believe, is what was probably the most helpful for me when studying. I wasn't able to study completely according to the study plan given, but I was able to study all contents well enough for 2 hours at a time and I felt fully prepared and very confident going in. I am thankful for the advice on not getting stuck on certain questions, which I constantly reminded myself when reading questions that felt completely off the wall, and I think that's what helped me to get through the exam without worrying about missing answers. Thank you so much! I appreciate this course so much! Now on to the PCC L&E exam!


Thank you for your help TDC.  I felt very prepared for my exam and enjoyed the thoughtfulness of this test prep. The focus on the bigger picture was very helpful to me- being aware of study times, having healthy snacks before the test, and remembering the importance of exercise. Also, I appreciated how the information was presented in a way to highlight how it directly applies to clinical work.


I really liked how Amanda begins explaining the program and reassuring us that we are going to pass. The way she divides the program giving days and strategies to study made me feel more confident. At times, I felt a bit anxious. That decreased when I sat down and focused myself to study the material. I found the strategies and program format helpful which made me feel less anxious when I went to take the exam. Honestly, Amanda encouraged me to study, to stay positive and focused during the study process and during the day of exam. I cried in joy right after I received the results. Thank you very much for all your support and guidance.


This is a very well organized, positive and thorough study program. I'm so thankful my friends suggested it to me. Thanks so much TDC!


TDC is awesome!! SOOOO helpful! Easy to use and works like a charm!


I was more relaxed in my exam preparation this time around. I told myself that I wasn't going to stress about the outcome. I remembered what Robin said as I began the exam, 'you're taking another practice exam.' I'm looking forward to this next phase of studying and putting this all behind me. Thanks. 


When TDC says 'they are with you until you pass,' I cannot emphasize how true that is. I am writing this testimonial from the perspective of someone who has extreme test anxiety, and did not pass the exam the first time (by only one point!). TDC prepared me extremely well both times, however, the first time I was more focused on learning the content, where the second time, I focused on how to pass an exam. If it were not for this experience, I would have never learned the difference. I wanted to especially thank Robin because when I did not pass, she called me personally to talk through not only my frustrations, but also my embarrassment. Taking the exam a second time required a different skill set as I battled negative self-thinking, embarrassment, and mistrust in my own test taking abilities. The second time around not only was Robin there mentoring the material with me through e-mails, but she helped me become a better test taker. TDC made my learning extremely personal and empowering, and I am not sure I would have gotten that anywhere else. Robin recognized that taking the exam extended beyond ensuring I knew the material, but also other forms of support that is required in passing the second time around. I wanted to write this testimonial for others who are either nervous about not passing, or did not pass the first time themselves, and that passing is possible and to not be discouraged.  Through this experience I got to learn about myself as a test taker, and because I did have to take the test twice, I am very confident in the material, which has only contributed to being a more ethical clinician. Thank you so much Robin and TDC for truly being there until I passed!


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